Frequently asked questions

Thinking of applying?

  • What are the opening dates for your new graduate programmes?

    Most of our jobs each year open by late September. However, our business is growing so opportunities may appear throughout the year. Which means it’s worthwhile keeping an eye on our website to make sure you don’t miss out. Or if there’s nothing that quite fits at the time, you can apply speculatively and you’ll be alerted as soon relevant vacancies arise.

  • What are your application deadlines?

    We hope to make offers before Christmas. Earlier applications tend to be prioritised because we assess information as it’s received. So please get your application in as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance.

  • What are your entry requirements?

    Most of our graduate programmes require a history of strong academic attainment and a bachelor’s degree. For some technical programmes we need relevant technical degrees. But not for all. Please don’t make assumptions - check each programme to find the specific requirements.

  • What work experience opportunities do you offer for students and graduates?

    We offer summer, 6-month and year-long internships in a number of functions and locations - check our website for live vacancies. Please make sure that you’re legally eligible to live and work in the country of application. Due to the confidential nature of our work we unfortunately can’t offer work experience programmes to individuals.

  • If my previous application wasn't successful, how long do I have to wait before I can re-apply?

    We understand that things change. So you only have to wait 6 months from a declined application before re-applying.

  • Do you accept applications from graduates who require work permits?

    As a rapidly growing global business, we see international experience and ambitions as a great asset. However, due to legislation we can’t offer visa support for all programmes. So before you spend time on your application, please check the details of each programme and location to see if we could support you.

  • As part of my course I would like to do a placement, does Dyson offer these?

    Yes. We offer a number of placement opportunities across different functions and locations. The website will have live vacancies advertised, and you’ll need to be legally eligible to live and work in the country of application.

  • I've already graduated – can I still apply for a graduate position?

    Absolutely. We’re interested in graduates that bring a range of experiences to our business. In some cases you might be more suitable for a more experienced position, but we’ll let you know and connect you to the recruiters best placed to help.

  • What is it like to work at Dyson?

    As you’d imagine, working in a rapidly growing global technology business is intense. Our HQ in Malmesbury is home to nearly 3,000 people - vibrant, energetic and driven. As a creative business, the dress code is relaxed and the atmosphere sociable. But as a school leaver or graduate, you’ll be treated like anyone else in the business: getting hands on from day one, with real responsibilities that stretch you to exceed your own expectations. It’s not easy. It’s not for everyone. But it is invigorating and rewarding.

Ready to apply?

  • What's involved in the application process?

    Simply register some basic information, complete two questions and we’ll be in touch within a week or so. Please note that the application window times out after 60 minutes. So make sure you have your CV – and anything else you’d like to submit - ready before starting your application.

    If we like what we see and think you’d be a good fit for Dyson, we’ll invite you to complete two online tests - a short aptitude test and a Dyson-specific scenario-based questionnaire. If this goes well, we’ll invite you to an interactive online assessment session. A mixture of video-based questions and mini case studies will allow you to get to know us as much as we’ll get to know you. The final stage would see you invited on site for a selection day to meet with key people, find out more about the programme and have a tour of the offices.

  • Any hints for completing the application?

    Be clear with the details of your academics; detail your subject / course name and predicted / obtained grades. Show us why you’re interested in this role. Don’t be afraid to tell us what you do outside of school and college too.

  • Can I practice the online psychometric tests?

    If you’re invited to sit our online tests then you’ll also be sent a link to a practice test. If relevant, we’ll provide further information of what to expect with our online assessments and how best to prepare.

  • What does the online assessment session involve?

    This is a way for you to get to know more about Dyson and for us to learn more about you. There will be a mixture of video-based questions and mini-case studies to showcase what you can do. We’ll want hear what attracted you to the opportunity, what your career ambitions are and how you might handle working at Dyson. Likewise you can discover more about the opportunity and whether Dyson is the place for you. It should only take around 30 minutes.

  • What does the selection day involve?

    This is a full day, typically giving an insight into our offices, ways of working and the teams you could be working with. We want to give you a flavour of what it’s like to work in the role you’ve applied for - and see how you fare. Other exercises will be a little more surprising. To get to know you personally, you’ll spend time with your prospective senior managers. Feel free to quiz them as hard as they quiz you.

  • I’m likely to be overseas during the recruitment process - will this be a problem?

    We can often work around global time zones to conduct an assessment. But if we do need you to visit an assessment centre, we’ll try to accommodate your specific circumstances. And if you’re overseas at the time of applying, please let us know so we can factor this in straightaway.

Once I've got the job

  • Can I meet other people I'm joining with before I start?

    This depends on your role. Your local recruiter can provide further details.

  • Can I come in to shadow for a day before I start?

    Before you start, there’ll be a joining event arranged in your region or business area. We also have a Facebook chat feature where you can contact other soon-to-be Dyson people.

School leavers

  • When do the Apprenticeships start?

    We expect our apprentices to join late summer/early autumn. This way you’ll have had time to relax after a busy final year, so you’ll come to us refreshed and hungry to get started. We’ll plan an in-depth induction to help them adjust to working life and a new way of learning. Dates will be confirmed at the time of offers being made.

  • Do I pay for the training provided?

    We’ve got that covered. You won’t need to worry about any training costs and the successful candidates will receive a competitive salary, real work and a nationally recognised qualification upon completion.

  • How will I fit in exams and studying?

    Each programme will have an allotted time for attending classroom-based learning, and revision days will be allocated before exams. We know these are demanding programmes, so we’ll provide the support and guidance to allow you to complete all aspects of the programme to the best of your ability.

  • What support will I get?

    Each school leaver will have a dedicated line manager who will support you from day one. You’ll have plenty of responsibility, so we’re looking for individuals with a genuine motivation to learn and develop themselves.
    Regular 1:1s will be scheduled to track progress and development.
    You’ll start in a small team, and in some cases will have contacts with previous school leavers and graduates for further support and guidance.
    An external assessor will visit Dyson every 6-8 weeks to check in on the progress of your work and to ensure you’re happy in your role.

  • I have to move away from home. Where will I live?

    We’re based in Malmesbury, a Cotswold market town in the south-west of England, and many of our people live there and walk to work. Otherwise, a lot of our employees commute from surrounding cities and larger towns like Bristol, Bath and Swindon. We have an established and well-used liftsharing platform that helps people to find others driving from similar areas into Dyson. It’s also a good way to meet new people around the business. Wherever you want to live, we’ll be able to offer guidance before you start.

  • What happens after the apprenticeship?

    Generally, we don’t see an end point as such. These roles are designed to equip our apprentices with invaluable skills and qualifications that can lead to many possibilities. Whether that’s progressing up through higher level qualifications, topping it up into a full bachelor’s degree, exploring other areas of Dyson or specialising in one specific area in a permanent role, we’ll be there to support the decision.

  • What level of apprenticeships do you offer?

    Apprenticeships are available across many areas of our business, and the level of the Apprenticeship will vary depending on the needs of the role. Typically we look at Level 3 starting points – commencing after A’level (or equivalent) studies, but make sure you look at the vacancy details for specific opportunities.


  • Where can I find the terms and conditions for the Rethinkers challenge?

    The terms and conditions can be found here.

Dyson Institute of Technology

  • Where can I find out more about the Dyson Institute of Technology?

    Please visit the website at