Be bold. Be stubborn. Great ideas meet
great resistance.

A new idea is a precious thing. It's never been thought of before, so it's easy for others to miss its importance. To think of reasons why it must fail. To ridicule it.

Scared or jealous rivals will want to prevent new ideas – trying to discredit you, your thinking and your data along the way. The more original the idea, the more resistance you'll find.

But as Dyson people, we must learn to live with opposition. A new idea is ‘new’ because others have never seen it before. So don't expect everyone to be on your wavelength. Yet.

First, you must test your new idea. Thoroughly. Objectively. Convincingly. If it works, the task of convincing others can begin. For all the energy it takes to conceive a new idea, you'll need much more to make it happen.

Stubbornness is your fuel for this journey. One by one, you'll have to break down the walls that confront you. You'll have to be equal to all of the resistance your idea will meet. Then push beyond it.

You may fail at some point along the way. Even after all the testing, all the support, all the prototypes. And in these moments, the only thing driving you to carry on will be nothing more than a stubborn, unflinching belief – in your new idea.