Dyson has been growing across the Benelux countries since 1999. Today we have a brilliant team of over 50 people, split between two offices in Belgium and The Netherlands.


Antwerp is one of Europe’s secret gems, teeming with great restaurants and bars, shops, historic architecture, art and culture. Dyson Antwerp is located in the bustling ’South’ of the city, surrounded by engineering heritage. The open plan office is part of an ancient warehouse near the former dock, overlooking the river Schelde.

Nearby you can find plenty of deli stores and social venues (as well as parking if required). So lunches are a great time to catch up or brainstorm new ideas. The team regularly gets together after work too. But the social highlight of the year is always the fancy–dress Christmas party.

Currently, 16 Dyson people work across the country. As co–HQ of Benelux with our friends in the Netherlands, we often hop over to the Amsterdam office for team meetings, and many employees travel there on a regular basis.

Good to know:

The Antwerp Fotomuseum is just over the road

The nearby Antwerp Central station is an impressive building, and gets you quickly to interesting places like Bruges and Gent (home to the Design Museum)