Keeping our
secrets, secret.

Protecting Dyson.
And our people.

Dyson is a world leader in innovation and design. So it's no surprise that our competitors are more than a little interested in the work we do. As Dyson grows ever bigger, the risk of jeopardising our intellectual property – and the scale of the consequences – grows with it.

But protecting our information doesn't end with physical measures, such as the security passes and thumbprint scanners that guard every Dyson office

"It's far more complicated than that," explains Leanne Bridges, head of information management and governance. "Every new Dyson machine produces an enormous wealth of sensitive information. From initial sketches of patented technology, to internal emails discussing our marketing strategy."

It's the job of Leanne and her team, including information management specialist Rebecca Cruttenden, to identify and keep track of top secret assets – then help Dyson people work hard to protect them.

"The size of the task is pretty big," adds Rebecca. "To give you an idea, the Dyson robot project has already generated more than 1 billion potentially sensitive assets that need to be accounted for. And it's still growing."

If protecting Dyson was solely their responsibility, it would be enough to make Leanne and her team lose sleep. But far from it. The whole of Dyson is behind her. Our Legal IP team robustly patents and defends every vital new invention. And security is something each one of us takes seriously – from the conversations we have with family to making sure we don't wear our passes in public.

Leaking Dyson information can have a huge impact; financial or legal penalties, to forcing us to abandon work on the lifeblood of our business – our new ideas. So for Leanne, her team, and all Dyson people, the stakes couldn't be higher.