People. Not prospects.
Dyson and our owners.

Our customer care team has a special responsibility. The person on the end of the line when one of our owners calls is not just a voice. They're a personal representative of Dyson. Professionalism, resourcefulness and empathy are the order of the day. On every call, chat, and email.

"I treat each Dyson owner like they're a member of my family," explains Marion Mitchell, on her customer service approach. "Whether it's an issue with their machine or some advice on one of our products, I love helping them, and making them happy."

And, from our Aurora contact centre in the USA, customer experience specialist Marion has been doing exactly that – picking up calls from over 5,000 customers so far in the 11 months she's been with Dyson. Diagnosing faults, providing tips, and more besides.

"This is my first job in customer support," adds Marion, in a brief break between the 30 owner enquiries she'll handle today. "I actually trained at culinary school, so the role is obviously very different, but I still come to work with a smile – even now. I love Dyson, I love my machine, and I want everyone who calls me to feel the same."

One of the biggest challenges of any customer service role is dealing with difficult calls. "On those occasions, you need to build trust. I just ask myself ‘What would I like to hear if the roles were switched?’quot; she explains. "And when you turn a call like that around, it's one of the most satisfying parts of the job."

Marion is just the kind of person we look for in our customer support roles. Kind, calm individuals that see our owners as people, not prospects. Committed to providing excellent customer care, and doing all they can to show how Dyson technology solves problems.