From social network.
To network TV.

From Hannah Brown's first day at Dyson, it's been her job to get people talking about our technology. First as a graduate in the communications team, and now just four years later as our head of social media.

Each year, Christmas gives Hannah and her team the unique opportunity to communicate a little differently with Dyson owners. And this time, together with Dan Gould from our in-house film team, a simple idea for a festive film would end up taking them on an unexpected, but very Dyson, journey.

"Dan had been using a slow-motion camera rig to film test dust flowing through one of our machines," explains Hannah. "On playback, the particles looked just like snow – giving us the idea of a Christmas film set inside a Dyson vacuum."

However, the task of turning their idea into a finished film would not be easy. "For a start, it was already late November," remembers filmmaker Dan. "On top of this, both Hannah and I were busy working on existing projects."

They got to work. Putting in extra hours to find the budget and procure equipment and props, before shooting and editing the footage in a matter of days inside Dyson's brand new film studio. All to ensure the film landed on social networks with time to spare before Christmas.

But the story of Hannah and Dan's film was far from over. As more and more Dyson people began to respond so positively to their work, the idea that it had the potential to be something even bigger started to gain momentum.

And when senior creative and marketing directors suggested airing the film on network TV in the US, it was Hannah's cue to call upon some serious Dyson perseverance. The standard 16-week process of getting an ad to air was slashed, while pre-scheduled commercials had to find new timeslots.

So it was that, as US viewers tuned in to watch their festive TV favourites, Hannah and Dan's social media film was there among them – offering a uniquely Dyson brand of festive delight across three consecutive nights, including Christmas Day.

"The success of this project really came out of nowhere," adds Hannah. "To make it happen, we had to come up with new processes along the way. And it took a great deal of resilience and belief to get there."

"Myself and Dan are hugely proud to have been a part of it."