Associate Principal Software Engineer, NPI Graphics


Robotics and Machine Learning, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering and Connectivity
Malmesbury - United Kingdom


Dyson is taking its line of products to the next level of intelligence through greater environmental and human interaction. To achieve that we need software engineers skilled in manipulating graphic-rich user interfaces, and the software which composes them. As the products get smarter, the need for richer interaction with the user is essential. The intelligence of the machines has grown exponentially in the past few years, with a far greater range of sensors providing data about the environment. The possibilities afforded for greater control of the device require intuitive easy user input methods. Investigating these new technologies, and developing them to the level needed for production is at the heart of this role



Working with our New Product Initiative team to create prototypes of new ideas and evaluate novel concepts of product interface. Working with the artistic creative team to bring to life their concepts, to allow them to evaluate the customer experience on new ideas.

Working with Product Development to take those ideas to the real market in production-grade software.

Drive forward the future of Dyson’s graphical interface, as a visual user experience, and as a new programmatic development methodology.

Crafting reliable and robust software solutions to bring that vision to life on production units; developing efficient mechanisms to allow rapid deployment of graphics across a range of compute platforms.


  • Industry experience of embedded graphical solutions development across a range of compute platforms, including Linux, C++ and RTOS or bare-metal.
  • Proven experience of being a naturally good communicator, with non-technical team members
  • Keen to explore new ideas, both technical and artistic.
  • 5+ yrs using Linux, including device driver layers.
  • Experience of GUI IDEs, with Crank preferred
  • Internals of graphics descriptions, Visio, Sketch, SVG, XML,
  • Experience of RTOS, low level C coding
  • Awareness of limitations of bare-metal embedded systems, DMA; desire and ability to optimise and improve
Beneficial: experience of SPI or similar digital interfaces at the electrical level, logical and programmatic driver layers.



Posted: 03 July 2019