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Have you considered using our job search? Click here to search our current jobs.

Systems Integration Engineer


MYR Competitive Remuneration package
Motors and Power Systems, Electronics
Johor Bahru - Malaysia


Motor Drives and Advanced Control within Global Hardware Engineering is a team of highly motivated individuals from multi-discipline subject matters from Electromagnetics, Mechatronics, Power Electronics to Control Theory and Mathematics who came together to deliver to Dyson core technologies.

The team is responsible for the design and development of current and future power systems specifically focused on electromagnetic design, advanced motor, heater and intelligent peripheral control systems, hardware and the supporting embedded software for securing and enabling product quality from power to performance.

Resource to apply and establish integrative multidisciplinary techniques to furnish the increased system complexity of Actuators (Motors and Heaters) with Batteries and the intelligent algorithm within.


  • State Flow Analyses/Techniques implementation in the design of supervisory control, task scheduling, and fault management applications or equivalent.

  • Defining holistic design requirements for control systems performance that has quantifiable outputs with known systems inputs.

  • Dynamic system performance analyses using practical or theoretical tools like Frequency Response Plots, Root Locus and Non-minimum-phase transfer functions.

  • Control Systems Modelling using (differential equations, Laplace transforms in state space models, discrete time models) is an added advantage.

  • Knowledge of Motor Drives and Control is an added advantage.

  • Deliver high quality results in support of control algorithm development and systems requirements to execute function with consideration of safety, thermal performance and product robustness.

  • Identify and resolve design issues; and perform data analysis and generate comprehensive technical reports.

  • Assist verification and validation team validation planning, physical testing and compliance review if required.


  • Bachelor’s Degree and above in (Mechatronics/Electrical/Electronics/Control Engineering) or equivalent. 
  • At least 2 years of working or research experience in the related field. 
  • Design knowledge and experience in major aspect of Electronics: Power Electronics, Control theory, Battery management, Analogue, Digital and sensing technology with its interfacing (magnetic, optics, etc).
  • Experience using simulation tools (i.e. MATLAB, Python) to support design calculations and documentation. 
  • Capable to deliver high quality results within tight time deadlines. 
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to work independently and effectively as a team. 
  • Highly motivated person with good communication skills and able to work within a team. 
  • Independence, Integrity and self driven with a strong focus on results.


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