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Have you considered using our job search? Click here to search our current jobs.

Have you considered using our job search? Click here to search our current jobs.

Apprentice Electro Mechanical Engineer - Research Design & Development Team


Graduates, Interns and Apprentices
United Kingdom - Malmesbury Office

We are looking to develop bright, career-motivated people into Control System Engineers or Mechatronics Engineers through our 5-year Engineering Degree Apprenticeship. From day one you’ll be immersed in the hands-on design and build of bespoke test rigs/machinery, learning all the skills and knowledge to allow you to become a highly skilled engineer, capable of electrical and mechanical design and development. Skills will be developed through a combination of hands-on training and College/University-based learning. You’ll study for internationally recognized qualifications with the confidence of employment during and after your study. This apprenticeship will take you through an HNC/HND and result in a bachelor’s degree (BEng). 

You will join us here at Dyson with a mentor to guide you and provide quality training - you will learn from the best as we want you to be the best. One day a week will be spent at an accredited local training provider to gain the expert skills required to become a qualified design/development engineer. We’ll cover your tuition fees and support you all the way through your learning, so all you’ll need is the ambition, determination, and tenacity to excel.

We’ll expect you to get hands-on and solve problems from the start, contributing as well as learning. Immersed in the Test Systems department you’ll find yourself supporting multiple RDD (Research, Design & Development) project teams with their varied requirements. You’ll be given responsibility to take your own initiative and contribute to the overall success of Dyson. 

Years 1 - 3

  • Working at Dyson in Malmesbury you will spend your time on placements around the RDD Prototyping, Verification and Test department, in engineering labs and the office. Supported by a mentor you will learn the skills and theory required to design, build, and maintain/upgrade automation equipment and machines.

  • The Test Systems Design team includes mechanical, electrical, software and electronics engineers who design and develop the complex automation equipment Dyson uses for development testing of our products and creation of our prototypes. You will become familiar with all these facets of engineering.

  • One day a week you will spend time at Bath College continuing to learn the theory to support your activities at Dyson.

  • You will work towards an HND in General Engineering.

Years 4 & 5 

  • Continue to work at Dyson in the Test Systems Design team, supported by an in-house mentor, taking on increasing responsibility and complexity of work. 

  • You will work on many different projects at various stages of their life cycle, as well as developing specialist knowledge and experience of designing machinery and test rigs, allowing you to gain a wide overview and as your area of interest becomes apparent, to help develop your knowledge further in this area.

  • One day a week you will attend online lectures with Portsmouth University, ultimately achieving your bachelor’s degree in Engineering.


  • Continue working at Dyson as a Graduate Engineer within Test Systems Design.

  • Depending on availability at the time, there may be other roles in the department which have vacancies that need filling, so there may be a chance to specialise in other areas of Prototyping, Verification and Test.

By starting your career in the Test Systems department you’ll gain extensive skills in the application of a wide range of engineering disciplines. From mechanical, electrical and electronics, to software development, it’s safe to say you’ll be exposed to an incredibly wide variety of work during your apprenticeship. You’ll learn to interpret engineering requirements and to use these to design bespoke machinery, supporting the project teams throughout their design process in turning ideas into ground-breaking technology.

Skills/Experience required:
We assess each application on its merits. Fundamentally we are looking for people who demonstrate the drive, enthusiasm, self-motivation, and teamwork skills to become an electrical or mechanical engineer in Dyson’s Test Systems Design team. Entry requirements for the academic qualifications are: 96 UCAS points via A-levels or Level 3 AME / Diploma, Advanced BTEC or any other suitable qualification.

Dyson is an equal opportunity employer. We know that great minds don’t think alike, and it takes all kinds of minds to make our technology so unique. We welcome applications from all backgrounds and employment decisions are made without regard to race, colour, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, protected veteran status or other any other dimension of diversity.