Engineering Manager


MYR Competitive Salary
Mechanical Engineering, Product Design
Johor Bahru - Malaysia


The Engineering Manager will be responsible for developing world class technical knowledge for the whole engineering team, and to build well established individuals who are experts in applying their knowledge effectively to design Dyson products.


Reporting directly to the Category Manager and working with high autonomy to run the whole category engineering function within Malaysia, the engineering manager must exhibit strong leadership in an environment of technology challenges and aggressive time lines. Clear technical understanding and excellent decision making capabilities are essential.


  • Delivery of integrated Product Solution: All relevant assemblies including their expected performance targets must be delivered to the Design Manager on time, on spec, on quality and on cost.

  • Resolution of Current Product Safety, Reliability and Quality issues: Appropriate resource must be allocated from the relevant assembly or technical area as and when issues arise. The resulting learning must be used to drive continuous improvement and increasing knowledge within the team.

  • Communication: Strong communication links must be developed with both the Design Managers and the global category team to ensure problems are discussed in an open and mature fashion and a consistent, collaborative approach is applied to all elements of product integration. You will also liaise with all other global development and cross-functional teams.

  • Balance Innovation with Historical Success: Engineering Managers should identify the most appropriate usage of existing parts and assemblies in future projects. This will ensure that product innovation is managed where it adds the most value and is balanced against the benefits of reduced investment costs, reduced time-lines, reduced risk and increased reliability.

  • Resource Management: Responsible for managing expertise and resources in the team. Within each team the manager must ensure that all of the technical issues are well matched to the capability of the individuals within their team.

  • Pre-Project Transition Support: Managers must take a proactive approach to project status in the run up to project transition. This will consist of highlighting relevant individuals able to travel to UK during this time as well as a heightened communication approach with UK counterparts.

  • Project Transition: At the point of project transition, ensure that all deliverables have been validated and the design intent has been clearly documented and communicated to the relevant individuals in the South East Asia by the UK counterparts.

  • Professional Development & Mentoring: Each manager is responsible for the professional development of all individuals within their team. Monthly meetings to discuss individual's careers, technical and personal aspirations should be commonplace and the focus must be on development rather than the immediacy of project delivery. Clear, achievable development and learning options should be identified and followed through to completion.

  • Reporting: Each manager is responsible for clear communication of assembly and project status, ensuring the relevant risks and priorities are clearly communicated to the Design Managers and upwards.

  • Continuous improvement: A key element of the assembly based structure is the retention and development of knowledge. This increasing knowledge must be used to drive increased performance and development efficiency, reduced development time-scales, increased reliability and reduced product cost whenever possible.


  • Possess a very flexible mind-set and the desire to do things differently in order to support the growth of the business

  • A strong ability to manage and lead changes positively

  • Go the extra mile to do his/her work; is self-driven and self-reliant to achieve design excellence

  • Believes in value-adding team members and organization

  • At least 6 years of technical work experience; must have the experience of successfully managing engineering design teams to deliver complete projects starting from design, prototyping through to mass production

  • A good knowledge of new product development process and industrial trends

  • Experience working in a multi-national or global electronics company

  • Proven leadership and problem solving ability

  • Ability to manage and develop people

  • Confident communicator

  • A team player, able to work effectively with peers at all levels

  • Recognised degree in Mechanical, Design, or Electro-mechanical Engineering discipline


Dyson Malaysia monitors the market to ensure competitive salaries, bonuses and pension contributions. Beyond that, you’ll enjoy generous leave, a transport allowance and medical care and insurance. But financial benefits are just the start of a Dyson career. Rapid professional growth, leadership development and new opportunities abound, driven by regular reviews and dynamic workshops. And with a vibrant culture, the latest devices and a relaxed dress code reflecting our engineering spirit, it’s an exciting team environment geared to fueling and realizing ambition.

Posted: 16 April 2019