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Have you considered using our job search? Click here to search our current jobs.

Regional Information Security Officer (RISO)


Information Technology
Republic of Korea - Seoul Office

About Us

At Dyson, we demand the highest standard of performance from the technologies we engineer. Our people expect the same from the technology that supports them. We are a community that appreciates and advocates better engineering. A community of pioneers. 

Dyson IT is mid-transformation. Our aim, to create robust IT architecture, to manage data effectively and efficiently and continue to grow our world-class team. A team who is strategic, enabling business acceleration, growth and success. 

Our Cybersecurity team 

It’s no secret that our intellectual property is massively critical to our success. But did you realise that Dyson owners are all over the world trusting us to keep their data safe too? So how do we protect the valued owners of Dyson products, our suppliers, our staff, and our partners? Dyson’s Global Cyber Security department provides round the clock protection with teams of dedicated security professionals together with advanced products that we continue to iterate on to ensure contiguous coverage in every aspect of our business.   

Cybersecurity at Dyson follows a product model, where we have public services that all of our stakeholders consume and adhere to. This ensures that all those we work with know what to expect from us, and how to work effectively with cybersecurity at the centre of their activities. This is a continuing area of development that the whole cybersecurity team is focused on creating. We are working hard to leverage cutting-edge technology, including LLMs and AI to automate processes so that our team can focus on getting good data and ensuring that we have clear visibility of everything that is happening through the entire value chain and can react at a moments notice anywhere in the world. 

Our cybersecurity team is a geographically diverse group with one clear mission, Keep Dyson’s secrets, secret. That means we have a world-class cyber defence capability, including a global SOC, dedicated engineering teams that work hand-in-glove with IT to ensure comprehensive coverage of every system, every project from inception, celebrating go-live, and strong lifecycle engagement so that we can meet our internal and external responsibilities. 

About the Role


This role is of paramount importance within Dyson, as it directly contributes to safeguarding the organization's data, reputation, and the trust of its stakeholders, while also ensuring adherence to legal requirements and mitigating potential risks associated with data breaches and information security threats.  

This Cyber Information Security Officer role involves ensuring compliance with information protection and personal information laws, developing and implementing risk assessment and management processes, and overseeing various aspects of information security and personal information protection policies across the entire region. You will be an advocate for cybersecurity across every part of the region. 

Specifically, you will be responsible for the following: 



  • Republic of Korea 
  • Australia 
  • New Zealand 
  • India 
  • Japan
  • Singapore 


  • Thailand 
  • Malaysia 
  • Indonesia 
  • Philippines 
  • Vietnam 


  • Compliance with information protection and personal information laws and operation of internal control activities for each country in region 
  • Personal information protection and information protection policy implementation 
  • Country specific compliance requirements (e.g. data localisation, data storage, audit requirements, border controls) 
  • On both a regional and per-country basis, capture and assess risks specific to the local area and work with global GRC teams to ensure a comprehensive risk framework is adopted 
  • Respond to government requests for evidence and cooperation 
  • Work with indirect partners to ensure they meet Dyson and local security and compliance requirements 



  • Ensure all training is localised to countries in region 
  • Ensure training is completed by relevant staff across region 
  • Identify needs & Deliver bespoke training as necessary (e.g. country-specific regulations / processes) 



  • Be an advocate for cybersecurity across the entire region, encouraging teams to actively discuss data privacy, technical controls, compliance needs, and best practices as a first order of thought as the business changes 
  • Work closely with regional teams (Business, IT, operations, etc.) as a trusted partner 
  • Provide advice and flag specific areas of concern  
  • Work closely with regional IT providing specific and ongoing support to delivery teams 
  • Create a conduit from the region to central cybersecurity teams to reduce overall effort, speed up response times 


Value Discovery 

  • Through oversight of region requirements and project engagement, identify cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance improvements 
  • Work with peer RISOs to generate business cases for improvements that will improve Dyson’s posture globally 



  • Support Cybersecurity Operations Center as necessary with incidents occurring in region  
  • Work closely with global security engineering and architecture teams to ensure new projects and changes are rolled out successfully in your region 
  • Ensure vulnerability identification and remediation activities are executed

About You

  • More than 7 years of work experience in the information security field
  • High level of understanding of the Information Protection Act and Personal Information Protection Act
  • Strong understanding of relevant acts across the region  
  • Experience responding to external information protection regulations or auditing agencies 
  • Strong experience with cybersecurity training creation & delivery 
  • Business acumen understanding value generation and ability to articulate return on investment 
  • High understanding of information security tools (NW, HW, SW) 
  • Languages required: Korean, English 

Dyson is an equal opportunity employer. We know that great minds don’t think alike, and it takes all kinds of minds to make our technology so unique. We welcome applications from all backgrounds and employment decisions are made without regard to race, colour, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, protected veteran status or other any other dimension of diversity.