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Have you considered using our job search? Click here to search our current jobs.

Senior Data Scientist


Data Science and Engineering
United Kingdom - Hullavington Office



Dyson is a global technology company with a unique philosophy - to solve problems that others ignore, first. It transforms every category it enters with radical and iconic re-inventions that work, perform and look very different.  


Five years ago 80% of Dyson’s business was full-sized vacuum cleaners. Today, its digital motor powered cordless vacuums, robots, Airblade hand dryers, bladeless fans, humidifiers, purifiers and heaters are powering its growth in 75 countries around the world. 2015 saw the addition of Jake Dyson Light to the portfolio, and in April 2016 Dyson took its biggest leap yet, revolutionising the world of health and personal care with the launch of the Dyson Supersonic™ Hairdryer and since then bringing new pioneering Personal Care machines to market through Dyson Airwrap and Dyson Coralle. 


Dyson is rapidly expanding; in its new and core categories, and across all of its global markets. The next five years are going to be Dyson’s biggest and busiest yet. By 2025, there will be 100 new machines, 3 new product portfolios and Dyson’s headcount will have grown. With this pace of growth, these ambitious plans, and the complexities of global expansion, it is natural that Dyson is now thinking about the best ways to organise itself and manage its exciting new product ranges to best effect.  


Dyson’s culture is unique; dynamic, inventive, technology-obsessed and decidedly un-corporate. The mindset is geared to constant change and Dyson’s pace brings constant challenge. It’s not easy or comfortable, but it’s this way of working that drives performance. Dyson suits people with the courage and resilience to find their own way, spotting opportunities where others don’t, and having the self-belief to persevere where others give up. “Good enough” isn’t good enough. Experiences are more important than experience. And attitude counts as much as aptitude. 



Competitors are expanding reach and bringing products into the marketplace. However, Dyson differentiates through our superior technology and also the unique experiences that we bring to our Owners. Connectivity gives us a unique platform to provide differentiating experiences for our Owners through the App. However, we need to manage this ambition in a more efficient and agile way, bringing new technology to markets faster, reacting to Owner expectations quicker and leading the market in more innovative ways. 


Dyson Connectivity  


Dyson Connectivity is responsible for defining a world-class Connected strategy, product and owner experience in the Dyson Link App, to help take this amazing technology to market, explaining how our machines are different and their benefits. We never share the stage, where we demonstrate our machines and their superiority we win. We are also responsible for the development and delivery of the Connected features within the Dyson Link App and Cloud.  


The next period of Dyson’s growth will see us taking our technology into more markets, doubling the business and quadrupling Direct. It will see our Owner base grow rapidly and a focus on both acquiring more Owners and retaining the Owners we have.  


Our vision is to help Dyson owners get the very best out of ​their Dyson machines, through effortless ownership and personalised care , by assisting them in simple, elegant and unexpected ​ways, using technology and data intelligently. ​ 


Our mission is to form a high-performing team to define a world-class Connected strategy and a reimagined Connected way of working and governance,  harnessing data to create superior product and owner experiences, building a platform of trust with our owners and a community of Dyson advocates who will return to purchase from us again. 


Connectitivy will rely heavily on harnessing the power of data to provide insights back to the various areas of the business – NPI, RDD, Customer Services, Owner experience and GTM teams, to help make data based decisions. Connectivity will also help us provide a more agile, mission based operating model. One which will enable us to continue our journey but in a more structured and efficient ways.  


We are on an exciting data journey where our emphasis is around providing a better usage experience for our Owners. To this end, we are investing heavily in brining together machine, app and owner data to bring bespoke recommendations – whether it beign help/support/guidance/repair/parts/machines – to our owners when they need it.   





The primary focus of the role will be using data science capabilities to drive insights back into the business to help answer critical questions that range from product improvements, spec enhancements to peronsalising the owner experience and finally driving improvements to proactive Care which will reduce intereactions into our Contact Centres, reduce returns and drive up NPS and repurchase.  


The role will be responsible for helping define and oversee the Connected Intelligence Platform, Connected Control Tower and Data science toolset to ensure that the answers to these questions can either be self-served or provided through modelling and investigation of the data.  


The role will collaborate with IT/GDF to develop the Connected data Platforms and analytics tool-sets required. And lead the collaboration and alignment of connected related analytics across all business data teams (e.g. Quality, Customer Services, Owners Experience, Supply Chain, RDD) 


The role will be part of the Connected leadership and provide “Thought leadership” supporting the team and the VP Connectivity. 

The role will oversee a team of Data scientists, analysts and Data ML Ops to provide  

  • Leadership & coordination of Connectivity Data & Insights into the stakeholders 

  • Concise Exec reporting 

  • Daily Control Tower insight sessions 

  • Cross-functional reporting 

  • Reporting for areas not resourced 

  • Cross-functional projects (i.e. improve spares forecasting using connected data). 

  • Business leadership for  IT/GDF to define the requirements for the Connected data platform and Control tower 

  • Lead alignment with the rest of data business areas and analytics community 

  • Leadership for Connected data team and beyond to ensure that the initiatives are validated, tested and monitored across multiple channels and markets. 

  • Leadership for the model builds that are needed to drive insights and meet objectives 

  • Leadership and direction in the Connected Data design reviews 

  • Support and guidance to our 3P partners such as Google to ensure we leverage their expertise and tools whilst staying at the fore-front of data science and innovation  

The role will need to have expertise within our core platforms, such as Google Cloud Platform, Python & R with Advanced SQL skills.  


Working alongside other data analysts in the Group Functions and Markets to identify opportunities and make recommendations to drive the Connected KPI’s and targets.  


In order to improve Owner Experience, Personalisation & Next Best Action, the role will assist the Journey team, in gathering data touch points for connected app interactions, so we can eventually start to optimise every single touchpoint on the owner journey and drive “Bought not Sold” 


The role will help shape the way Dyson thinks about insight and analytics, and support data led activation across the business. You and the team will build the foundations and continue to drive value and data driven decision making through modelling and analysis in an agile environment. 


This role is involved in one of our largest and most, extensive, insight-led projects using latest capabilities/developments in GCP and ML. 


You will define and manage the relevant budgets within Connected for Data Science and the corresponding platforms, tools and training that the teams require. 





  • Accountable for the quality of data driven insight from the Connected data. This will include being the key contact amongst the categories directors who might need support on go to market strategies, new product launches and general health of our owner base within the categories  and support data driven acquisition strategies 

  • Accountable for the build, test and validation of the models for connected data ensuring they are robust, fit for purpose and deliver the outcomes required.  

  • Accountable for the adoption of the services built and delivered for the stakeholders (RDD, NPI, Markets, Channels) and that they get used by the these groups. 

  • Accountable for buipding a community of data analysts and stakeholders who share and learn from each other to drive incremental gains back into the business 

  • Accountable for quantifying the value delivered from the Connected Data Science team to demonstrate value to the business 

  • Accountable for the data governance, working with Privacy and Legal to get the appropriate PIA/LIAs before any data sets are combined/activated 

  • Aacountable for how we drive the usage of our connected data to enhance Owner experience, so it is utilised across multiple channels for acquisition and retention purposes 

  • Accountable for ensuring that the business stakeholders understand the value of our connected data and how it can benefit our both Dyson and our Owners 

  • Accuontable for the Data Science roadmap to build and enhance models/platforms ahead of the business demand.  

  • Accountable for global solutions ie models that work within both CN, Russia and ROW even if data resides within local firewalls. 

  • Accountable for the budget required to deliver and work with IT for their budget needs 

  • Accountable for building and maintaining a high-perofrming data science team that supports the Connected objectives 


Skills required 


  • Advanced SQL 

  • Advanced Python and Tensorflow  

  • Experience with GCP 

  • Visualisation (Tableau, Looker) 

  • Programming Language (R, Python) 

  • Building Predictive Models for Commercial Use 

  • Well adverse with Machine Learning (including feature engineering and calibration) 

  • Good knowledge of statistics, machine learning techniques and data mining methods 

  • Make Recommendations in aid of commercial strategy 

  • A keen interest in problem solving and using scalable machine learning to solve the biggest data-related problems 

  • Strong communication skills to tell the story from the data and present findings to project teams & senior stakeholders 

  • Ability to prioritise and manage a busy workload, leading on multiple projects 

  • Mentoring other team members, encouraging and inspiring junior members of the team 

  • Collaborating with like-minded Data Scientists and analysts 

  • Working closely with business stakeholders to drive business value through the use of data science and AI 

At Dyson, it's about more than our machines. We recognise that our success comes from our inventive people. We believe in including everybody and supporting you on your journey with us

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