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Have you considered using our job search? Click here to search our current jobs.

Senior Quality Engineer (STC)


Quality and Reliability
Singapore - Singapore

About us

Dyson began twenty-one years ago with James Dyson and a handful of engineers questioning everyday products, thinking differently and making them better. We are now the world's number one vacuum cleaner manufacturer in the UK, US, Japan, Europe and Australasia.

We've even branched out to improving commercial technology that frustrates us.  The Dyson Airblade hand dryer dries hands in ten seconds, it’s also the most hygienic and energy-efficient hand dryer available. And more recently a fan, Air Multiplier, with no blades or grille.

There are over 4,000 of us in the world and we’re all inventive and hugely passionate about what we do. We are Dyson people that are encouraged to think differently, challenge convention and be unafraid to make mistakes.


This role will be based in Singapore and reports to the Senior Quality Manager. The candidate should have core competencies in Electrical Parts and Supplier management, Manufacturing Quality deliverables and field performance monitoring and reporting of post-launch consumer products.

Role Objective:

  • To identify, manage and develop Dyson key Supplier and Contract Manufacturers (CM) by establishing alignment between Dyson requirements, supplier processes, capabilities and performance metrics.
  • To engage Dyson cross teams and functions from New Product Introduction and to product launch for Consumer products.
  • To perform cross site and cross product range support.

About the role

Job Purpose:

Part and Supplier Management

1.   Working with the supplier(s) to ensure that their process capability is established, agreed, understood and monitored.

2.    Collect and evaluate supplier quality data to identify process improvement opportunities within the supply chain.

3.    Ensure the Quality readiness of supplier(s) for NPI and SOP for all product categories.

4.    Working with the supplier(s) directly, create corrective action plans to address process failures.

5.    Review the manufacturing processes/yield, collaborate with suppliers on process improvement and value enhancement opportunities.

6.    Regularly communicate with Engineering, Manufacturing Quality, and Procurement internally to identify opportunities for quality and productivity improvement.

7.    Collect and maintain supplier performance metrics.

8.    Coordinate with Engineering, Manufacturing and Product Quality to ensure awareness to known purchased part or product quality issues.

9.    Coordinate with Engineering, Manufacturing and Product Quality to ensure that the supplier(s) capabilities are understood and any gaps in requirements are planned for closure.

10. Ensure that alignment and agreement is reached between Supplier(s) Engineering and/or Manufacturing for Dyson drawing sign offs, taking in to account the supplier(s) capabilities to meet these requirements.

11. Assist Procurement in conducting Supplier Audits, reviews assessments and categorizations of new and existing suppliers for selection and de-selection.

12. Ensure that the Supplier(s) RCCA process meets minimum Dyson requirements and expectations.

13. Participate in SEA Quality meetings and present quality status and issues of product or commodities.

14. Investigate escalations of external quality issues that are believed to originate from part purchased or product driven and present status at SEA Quality meetings.

15. Perform, lead or coordinate root cause analysis on part purchased or product quality issues and work issue through containment phase of corrective action process.

16. Communicate and instruct supplier(s) on the use of a corrective action process and quality tools & techniques.

17. Participate in the Corrective Action Review Board (CAR).

18. Maintain supplier(s) performance and audit results.

19. Identify re-occurring quality issues by supplier and maintain supplier quality scorecard.

20. Recommend suppliers for qualification and / or disqualification based upon quality performance in conjunction with Procurement and Engineering.

Field Monitor and Reporting

1.  Liaise with the market quality team to understand the key issues on post-launch products in the field, whether they are reliability, performance or usability issues.

2.  Diagnostics Fault Code review with the market quality team to ensure this list is updated and accurate to reflect the product features and functions and to refresh this list with new failure symptoms.  

3.  Regular comms/calls with market to identify failure trends and discuss returns management.

4.  Establish and deploy returns management strategy and define Failure Analysis process with the Design Team for various failure modes. Deploy Containment and Corrective Actions with the Manufacturing Quality Team. 

5. Deploy the market troubleshooting/resolve guide with owner experience team and customer service teams to verify and ascertain product performance issues in market.

6. Propose and review mitigations to ensure robust corrective actions and drive failure rate improvement activities.

7. Product Fail Database is updated with failure symptom and mitigations to facilitate closed loop lesson learnt.

8. Collaborate with the data visualization team on segregation of incentivized and non-incentivized consumer reviews on the product dashboard.

9. Collaborate with the product insights team to classify the consumer reviews from each territory.

10. Launch Monitoring Reporting for post-launch products that reflect performance of new product in market after launch.

11. Produce clear and concise reports that summaries work undertaken that are tailored to the knowledge level of the intended recipient.

Manufacturing Quality Management

1. All Dyson products are manufactured according to the agreed work instructions, standards, processes, procedures, drawings and guidelines including rework.

2. All equipment, jigs and fixtures are to specification, calibrated and used correctly.

3. Production Direct Labor are trained to the required level for their assembly stations.

4. Ensure the integrity of the production data from defined and agreed data collection points including IQC (Incoming Quality Control) to OBA (Out of Box Audit) and that these data are used to correct/optimize the line/s as part of a continuous improvement program.

5. Readiness for new product line(s) is established and communicated throughout the NPD/I  phases.

6. Establish, monitor and communicate CM (Contract Manufacturer) performance, gaps and improvement against plans.

7. Apply Lessons Learnt and continuous improvement throughout the CM base.

8. Support the Product Quality Team in understanding the perceived quality and reliability of our products in-market, and the causes behind.

9. Help to build a data-driven picture with which to provide compelling answers to queries from a variety of origins. Support the work of Engineering to improve current products and ensure new products are of the highest quality.


In this varied role, interacting with multiple engineering disciplines and the wider business, The candidate will drive year-on-year improvements in design and manufacturing quality through developmental stages of the product lifecycle.

All aspects of managing the Supplier, Manufacturing Quality Deliverables for Dyson Manufacturing lines and product post-launch monitoring activities including but not limited to:

  • NPD/I – Early involvement with the new programs/products to give timely feedback to management on status of manufacturability, capability and possible quality risk areas including rework lines. Responsible for signing off, internally, issue revised drawings as being a complete and accurate representation of all information required to successfully create high quality control plans. To participate in DFM assessment if required.
  • New Lines – Production Readiness - Delivering appropriate support for all new lines and production readiness is understood, audited, monitored, progressed and communicated. This should include any rework and tear down lines. Responsible for signing off, internally, the CM control plans as being appropriate to producing all parts, assemblies and products to Dyson’s specifications, required to be ‘in-place’ for the start of Engineering Builds and kept in synchronization with drawing revision up to SOP  via CR process. Define, establish and sign off appropriate production limit samples.
  • PFMEA – Proficient in hosting and performing Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis at various regular intervals to identify and mitigate production risks. 
  • Quality Metrics – Create management summaries from all data collection points from IQC (Incoming Quality Control) to OBA (Out of Box Audit) understanding process capability and RTY (Rolled Through-put Yield) and report performance daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly as agreed.
  • Daily Production – Establish, monitor, summarize and communicate continuous improvement activities and issue management and station performance. Responsible to participate in regular Control Plan reviews and to review impact of Deviation Requests and Change Request to production.
  • Support corrective action process – Manage, coordinate all production 8D/RCCA (Root Cause and Corrective Actions) to timely conclusion taking in to account implications of poor quality end to end. 
  • Production STOP – Line Down – Oversee RCCA ensuring that the right people at the right level are involved. Produce and communicate regular (hourly, daily or as defined/necessary) updates to management on status, progress or where more specialized or senior management help is required.
  • Sub-Tier Supplier Quality – where issues occur due to poor incoming materials quality, ensure that the CM takes the lead and the relevant Dyson SQE (Supplier Quality Engineer) is involved. 
  • Lessons Learnt/Continuous Improvement – Establish gap and gap closure plans against Dyson agreed strategy for CM capabilities and performance. Coordinate the Manufacturing Quality team to review Lesson Learnts and support timely improvement against the Dyson strategy.
  • Performance – Collate, summarize and communicate CM Quality performance through Quality Metrics data and audit results. Contribute to the Dyson Score-Card for QBRs (Quarterly Business Reviews).
  • Product Transfer – Coordination of Quality activities associated with product transfer. Oversee product knowledge, competency, data and know-how transfer with Research-Development and cross Quality teams. Develop a strong working relationship and communication with these teams to ensure Quality is designed into the product. To have constant communication with suppliers to understand known manufacturing standards.
  • Market Rework – Support, assist and/or coordinate all markets and territories that the Dyson product are sold as required.
  • Sustaining – Monitor and address product field failure rates and drive improvements back to Production and development teams where needed.
  • Product Milestones – Contributing towards product milestones by identifying manufacturing risks with appropriate mitigations with timeline suggested.

About you


  • Candidate must possess a Degree in Electronic / Industrial / Mechanical Engineering with minimum 5 years' experience in an engineering/quality capacity in a project management and manufacturing discipline in a regulated environment. Some experience in a design role will be an advantage.
  • Strong technical background in accessing production readiness inclusive of assembly lines setup.
  • Quality management of products in various development phases.
  • Extensive experience is specifically required in issue management techniques, tools and methods e.g. 8D, 5 Whys, 5S, GR&R, DOE, DMAIC etc…
  • Demonstrate understanding in engineering specs for component or assembly sourcing.
  • Issue Management - Able to successfully manage complex issues whilst under time and cost pressure, lead / coordinate cross-functional teams in delivering timely solutions adhering to clear processes.
  • Project management experience, not just leading but delivering technology projects into production with high levels of success. 
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral, catering for technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Analytical and data driven with an ability to generate a concise argument to support their views.
  • Motivated by driving continuous improvement programs and application of Lessons Learnt mindset.
  • Ability to plan ahead and self-organise, prioritise tasks and coordinate with the work of others
  • An understanding of basic electrical principles, basic electronics, some knowledge of manufacturing quality processes and knowledge of historical Dyson products are added advantages.

Personal Touch :

  • Adaptability - Seek to stretch and enhance the role of Quality across Dyson cross functions. Supports others within the functions, users and suppliers so that maximum value is derived by all processes.
  • Self motivated, independent, results-driven.
  • Passion for delivering results and product quality.
  • Process change / improvement skills are essential.
  • Analytical and Attention to detail is a must.


Dyson Singapore monitors the market to ensure competitive salaries and bonuses. Beyond that, you’ll enjoy a transport allowance and comprehensive medical care and insurance. But financial benefits are just the start of a Dyson career. Professional growth, leadership development and new opportunities abound, driven by regular reviews and dynamic workshops. And with a vibrant culture, the latest devices and a relaxed dress code reflecting our engineering spirit, it’s an exciting team environment geared to fuelling and realising ambition.

Interview guidance

We are following the government guidelines regarding COVID19. At this time all interviews will be conducted via video or telephone. We’re taking these precautionary measures to protect both our employee and candidate wellbeing. Our Talent Acquisition team will work with you and provide further information as appropriate. 

Closing date: 26 June 2021