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Have you considered using our job search? Click here to search our current jobs.

Senior Standard Manager


Claims and Insights
Shanghai - China

About us

Dyson products are engineered to work better than competitor products. We take pride in engineering to perfection and make sure our product performance is thoroughly tested and our claims are true and reflect what our products deliver for customers. We are authentic, thorough and believe that science and engineering, when deployed to make better products, can genuinely improve people’s quality of life.


Local expertise is essential to the business for successful monitoring and guidance; ensuring all Dyson products meet business expectations.  We work closely with consultants, agencies other independent and accredited test service providers.


As a technical individual within a fast-paced creative environment you will need to manage your stakeholders and their expectations.  You are the “voice of truth” when it comes to product performance and the risk associated with external standards or regulations.


Your input will help steer projects through the development milestone process, monitoring performance standards, regulations and ensuring the claims we have are relevant and will be accurate when we launch. 

About the role

Ensure we thoroughly understand external performance-based standards appropriate to markets in Asia. Identify and monitor performance standards and regulations which do or could apply to Dyson.Understand the process and players behind external performance standards and regulations.Build relationships with relevant standards bodies and regulators to influence performance standards of the future.Document and communicate the risks and opportunities of external standards with the rest of the business.Drive research projects to gain understanding of specific aspects of performance standards.

Main Duties/ Responsibilities:

  1. Ensure all test activities are carried out according to the appropriate national and international test standards and that interpretation of content therein is agreed across stakeholders.

  2. Formulate and agree Dyson position on individual issues with External Affairs/ Claims/ RDD specialist teams. Use RDD resource to generate data for meetings to qualify our position.

  3. Support and communicate Dyson strategy on external standards and regulations.  Monitor and participate in (and divulge feedback and outcomes from) external standards body meetings.  Co-ordinate attendance at meetings (cross tam attendance) and ensure pre-alignment on strategy with Group.

  4. Problem-solving during product testing to completion of certification/ endorsement and close collaboration with CSI team and project teams where test concerns/ failures exist.

  5. Champion and ensure governance with Global CSI processes.

  6. Collaboration with approval agencies and 3rd party test laboratories for the purposes of obtaining testing, evaluation services and product certification/ endorsement.  Regular meetings with test houses to maintain good relationships; review testing capacity and acquire standards update as well as gauging industrial trends.

  7. Bringing improved understanding of the interpretation of local authorities and retailers on the impact of performance standards in regulating performance requirements and monitoring manufacturers’ claims.  Specific focus on Asian national and industrial standards required across all Dyson business categories (in collaboration with CSI CoE team members in markets) and update CSI/ Category teams.

About you

  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree/ Masters in Engineering/ Science related subject or equivalent.

  • More than 8 years’ work experience within engineering/ product development in consumer goods industry, or international testing and accreditation companies.

  • Well versed in global product regulations and certification.

  • Experience in product performance testing according to local and International Standards (including IEC, ASTM, GB/ T, QB/T, EN & UL).

  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal) and able to influence and persuade others.

  • Experience in standards or regulatory working groups.

  • Attention to detail with a good working knowledge of the technical vocabulary common to the appropriate discipline.

  • Highly motivated, internally driven individual with strong planning and organisation capabilities and ability to work within a team.

  • Able to work independently without supervision.  A self-starter and a problem solver.

  • Persistent, confident and able to challenge current working assumptions of others.  Able to constructively question, present arguments and evidence, and influence others to revise their views.

  • Computer literate with good working knowledge of Microsoft 365 (MSOffice).

  • Must be able to travel regularly within Asia including quarterly/ half-yearly trips to Dyson UK.



Interview guidance

We are following the government guidelines regarding COVID19. At this time all interviews will be conducted via video or telephone. We’re taking these precautionary measures to protect both our employee and candidate wellbeing. Our Talent Acquisition team will work with you and provide further information as appropriate.