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Ann Arbor

To enable us to continue pushing the boundaries of transformational cord-free machines, in 2015 we invested in Sakti3, a solid-state battery company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Developing a new kind of technology

To make solid-state batteries that are practical and more efficient to produce, engineers at Sakti 3 have written simulation software to identify combinations of materials and structures that will yield compact, reliable high-energy devices. They are also developing manufacturing techniques that lend themselves to mass production.

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Changing the way people use machines

Our technology is just the beginning. Solid-state batteries have the potential to provide huge leaps in energy density – with entirely new applications for our day-to-day lives. Many organisations and start-ups are chasing the benefits of solid-state technology. We want to get there first.

Diverse and growing

The team in Michigan is growing. We're a diverse group of scientists, engineers, business and operations people. And we're looking for motivated people to help us transform the way we use technology.

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Meet our people

Yang Wang headshot

People stories

Yang Wang

Material Characterization Manager, Ann Arbor, US

From no background in batteries to XRD expertise.

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