The home of free thinkers.
Our New Product Innovation team.


Every new Dyson machine begins in the same way – with one of our bright engineering minds, and a blank sheet of paper.

"We start fresh. My team does not use any existing parts or even our own technologies to create new projects," explains Steve Courtney, head of Dyson's New Product Innovation department. "The scope of what we do is huge, so rather than specialists we're made up of all-rounders who can bring a breadth of knowledge to help tackle new problems."

Home to a group of more than 80 creative engineers, our NPI department work to conceive future Dyson machines and core technologies. Concepts are developed and proven with working prototypes. And reviewed with chief engineer James Dyson throughout their development.

"NPI is where our new ideas happen. So we need people who think differently to create technology that fulfils the vision we've set our heart on."

When we're happy that a new technology is working in the right package size, and hitting performance targets, it's transferred to the New Product Development team for detailed design. Applying technical rigour to hit the right production cost and ensuring reliability.

"Our design divisions are fast paced, with engineers pushing machines to their limits," explains Mark Whiting, senior design engineer. "But the excitement of seeing technology you worked on for sale across the world never gets old."