Challenge everything.
Wrong thinking but right.

Our rivals laughed. Retailers wanted to cover it up. The market researchers told us we were making a big mistake. But something told us that we were right. That people would enjoy seeing all of the dirt and dust their vacuum had picked up – and knowing it was no longer in their home.

So we went against everyone's advice – designing the first ever vacuum cleaner with a clear bin. Today, it's still one of the things our owners love most about their Dyson vacuum. And judging by our competitors' machines, they've come around to the idea too.

The clear bin could have failed – but that risk should never stop us from trying unconventional ideas. Unfortunately for many, fear of failure defeats all other desires. And for progress, this is the worst possible outcome.

At Dyson, we understand that bowing to this fear of the unconventional is the surest way to cripple innovation. So instead, we embrace its risk of failure as a fundamental part of our approach to design. Knowing that getting it right will lead to tremendous success. And getting it wrong only drives us closer to getting it right.