Engineer everything.
Even Christmas.

1 theme. 1,000 guests. 42,000 square feet of party space.

Dyson technology turns convention on its head – and our Christmas celebrations are no different. Each year, we brief all of our people on a theme, then challenge everyone to design their own outfits.

The results are some of the most inventive costumes you'll ever see (less fancy dress, more working machines and wearable art installations). And we give these engineering masterpieces the theatre they deserve, with a creative event that fills every inch of its spectacular aircraft hanger venue. Seeing off the year in uniquely Dyson style.

In fact, we even let our engineers loose on the Dyson Christmas tree. Project Evergreen has seen them rework the traditional look using several hundred Dyson cordless wands, a 3D printer, and some of our translucent tool heads for fairy lights.