More than a job.
The Dyson spirit.

We're in the problem solving business. Time and again, we take mundane, ill-conceived everyday devices, and radically reinvent them to work better. We follow this path with such passion and conviction that it transforms our owners' emotional and practical relationships with their machines.

For some, what we do enriches their lives to the point that our machines become iconic. And to them, we're not just a technology company. We're an inclusive ‘movement’. One that stands for new thinking. One that's not afraid to take on bigger rivals. And one that believes engineering can improve people's lives.

Sharing this spirit, and behind its continued vitality, are our people. People like Jack Copp, who, since the age of five, has been fascinated by how our technology works. So much so, that he's collected more than 100 Dyson machines during his lifetime.

In 2011, this passion brought Jack to our attention. And we rewarded him with a role here at Dyson, in our owner experience team. After all, who better to think like a Dyson owner than someone who's been studying our machines since day one?

And he's not alone. We may not all own hundreds of machines, but every one of us is a Dyson fanatic. Living and breathing an engineering spirit, protecting the brand, and striving to find better ways of working.

Just as much as our owners fall in love with Dyson technology, our people fall in love with Dyson.