Dyson retail.
Open for business.

At 11:00am on Friday 17th April 2015, another piece of Dyson history was created: the very first Dyson store. Opening in Tokyo's exclusive Omotesandō shopping district, it represented our inaugural step into high street direct selling.

Like everything at Dyson, our stores are designed with customers in mind. The latest Dyson technology is on hand for shoppers to explore. Vials of dust and a range of floor types allow visitors to put our vacuums to the test. Lighting is provided by Jake Dyson's Ariel™ suspended lights. And built-in advanced traffic analytics are in place to refine the user experience.

The venture is part of a brand new stage in our continued growth – direct sales. Both online through our growing web stores, and in an expanding chain of Dyson retail locations across the world.

For Dyson, it marks a pivotal shift towards a new kind of retail relationship with our owners. One that's not just best for our business, but best for delivering the authentic Dyson retail experience to our customers.

And we're already seeing results. Direct revenue is up 57% from 2014. We'll have 1,225 controlled retail spaces by 2016. And 48 online stores are already live across Dyson and retailer websites.

We're changing the way we're selling. And there's much more to come.