Lightbulb moment.
Our latest category. And beyond.

With LEDs that last for 37 years at full brightness, Jake Dyson's lighting technology shares the hallmark of every Dyson machine that has come before it: a new idea, and a product category long overdue revolution.

Jake Dyson

Now, joining forces with his father James and our growing ranks of engineers, marketers and strategists, the continued development of Jake's disruptive technology is set to unlock the $100 billion LED market for our business.

But long-life lighting is just the beginning of Dyson's expansion into new technology categories. Inside our top-secret New Product Innovation (NPI) division, free-thinking Dyson design engineers are tasked with one job, and one job only: invent something new that solves a problem. No restrictions.

Often, this approach leads us into unknown territory. Take the Dyson digital motor – before inventing it, we'd never built a motor before. While hand dryers and fans were both once brand new markets we knew nothing about.

Today, lighting is our latest frontier. But by 2020, we'll have launched a further four brand new product categories.

"We're working on more projects than ever before, and expanding rapidly," explains Stephen Courtney, head of NPI, whose team's invention strategy encompasses a 25 year pipeline of future technology. "The goal? Creating patentable, problem-solving technology for brand new categories we've never set foot in before. Then make it a reality."

The Jake Dyson light on a desk illuminating a laptop

The Jake Dyson light on a desk illuminating a kitchen worktop