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"Like most of our engineers, my passion for problem solving was ignited at university,” says Pete Gammack, director of design and new technology. “First during my undergraduate degree at Imperial College, and then at the Royal College of Art in London. I next joined James – and haven't looked back."

In the 25 years since, thousands more bright new engineering minds have joined James and Pete at Dyson. But to realise our ambitions – and to protect the UK economy – we need more still.

The James Dyson Foundation is Dyson's charitable arm. Its aim: to inspire the next generation of design engineers. Through its educational donations, the James Dyson Foundation helps to provide the breeding ground for tomorrow's engineering solutions.

Royal College of Art

Dyson Building
Royal College of Art
A £5 million donation from the James Dyson Foundation enabled the construction of the Dyson Building at the Royal College of Art: housing incubators for 40 young designers and engineers. A hot–house of innovation, the young entrepreneurs share experiences and solve problems: working together to create tangible solutions that will help the UK lead the way in the global technology export race.

Engineering Imperial College London logo

The Dyson School of Design
Engineering Imperial College London
The result of a £12 million donation by the James Dyson Foundation, the Dyson School of Design Engineering represents Imperial College London's first new engineering department in two decades.

Developed in partnership with Dyson engineers, the school's curriculum blends technical discipline with creativity. Challenging students to develop tangible and compelling products, and giving them the commercial know–how to make their ideas globally successful.

The University of Cambridge logo

The Dyson Engineering Design Centre and The James Dyson Building, University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is no stranger to invention, with engineers such as Harry Riccardo and Frank Whittle developing their ground breaking technologies within its halls.

Now, thanks to an £8 million donation designed to offer world-class research and design facilities across two new buildings, the James Dyson Foundation is paving the way for the latest generation of engineering students to follow in their footsteps.

James Dyson Foundation logo