Number one in the home of technology.
Growing across Asia.

Asian manufacturers have dominated the technology sector over the last three quarters of a century. But less than 20 years since our very first machine was launched on the continent, Dyson is now market leader by value in Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong – the traditional heartlands of technology design.

From starting out in the UK, Dyson has grown into a technology business with an international footprint – today selling 90% of our machines outside the UK, in 72 countries around the world. We've recently debuted our technology in two new Asian markets – the Philippines and Thailand. And we're not stopping yet.

Winning America was big. But winning in China will be even bigger. With its 1.3 billion inhabitants still reliant on traditional technologies for housework such as brooms and mops, this translates to huge potential for Dyson.

Our challenge is to establish high performance vacuum cleaners as a proposition in the country for the first time, and use our expertise in air filtration to appeal to urban dwellers dealing with poor air quality.

Since landing in China during 2012, the Dyson team there have started the job – with 50,000 machines sold so far. In a country of 400 million households, however, there's still a long way to go. And getting it right will transform the scale of our business yet again.