From a backyard workshop.
To a global technology company.

There was a time in our history when all people knew Dyson for was vacuums. But what began with one man and one idea inside a coach house in Wiltshire, has since transformed into a 6,000-strong global technology company spanning multiple product categories and more than 70 countries around the world.

It's true – a lot has changed at Dyson since the first DC01 rolled off the production line. But some things are the same. The start-up mentality of our early days still runs through Dyson today, led by our Chief Engineer – James himself.

It means that, unlike our rivals, we still take chances. A philosophy that has transformed Dyson from its single association with manufacturing vacuum cleaners in the UK, to the design of revolutionary hand dryers, fans and lighting on a global scale.

But the transformation of Dyson is far from over. Our technology pipeline stretches 25 years into the future, and will see more new product categories emerge – four by 2020 alone. On top of this, we're growing our foothold in emerging markets like Asia, and launching in others for the very first time.

This rapid expansion – of the machines we design, and the countries where we trade – continues the challenge that our business has faced since its inception: transforming, while always keeping alive the spirit of relentless improvement and obsessive perfectionism that makes Dyson, ‘Dyson’.

Changing what we do, but never changing the way we do it.