If a job's worth doing...
Bringing talent in house.

Dyson is unusual. We don't always get things right. But fighting to do it our way is a matter of pride. And we believe there's no one better to ensure that stays the same, than us.

So instead of expecting external suppliers to feel the same burning ambition to improve and innovate as we do, specialist talent is brought into Dyson – then given the world class facilities the job requires.

It's why, when we needed a new type of motor to enable our future ideas, we built a $100m RDD and manufacturing facility in Singapore to make one. And employed over 100 new engineers to design it.

It's why, when we needed to know more about dust, bacteria and allergens, we built our own in-house microbiology lab. And hired a team of Dyson scientists to run our research programmes.

It's why, when we wanted to design truly intelligent robot technologies, we put together a specialist robotics research division. Instead of buying in someone else's work.

It's why, as developments in Dyson's air-moving technology grew more complex, we searched high and low for our own aerodynamics expertise. Then constructed testing facilities at our HQ to help push our knowledge even further.

It's also why you'll find Dyson communications being managed by our in-house advertising agency. Dyson technology and promotional films being created in our own film studio. And the brand new Dyson retail venture taking shape inside a full-size, onsite prototype store.

The list goes on and on. Across the world, you'll find facilities specifically built and people specifically hired to achieve Dyson's goals in the Dyson way. Rigorously and properly.

Because if a job's worth doing, we think it's worth doing ourselves.

Scientist in a laboratory

Scientist looking through a microscope

Scientist in a hallway