Solving old problems.
With new thinking.

Every Dyson machine exists because we refuse to put up with things that don't work properly. We believe poor performing technology adds frustration, time and effort to our daily lives. Our mission is to solve these problems with new thinking –inventing machines that simply work better.

But the solutions are never obvious. They don't keep office hours. And they tend to reveal themselves exactly where you least expect. In fact, before their application inside our machines, many Dyson technologies started life in the unlikeliest of places.

It began with James Dyson himself, who saw the answer to clogging vacuum bags in a sawmill cyclone, and continued with our engineers hatching a solution to weak, bladed fans while visiting an industrial bakery.

A vacuum bag full of dust

That's why Dyson people are encouraged to apply ‘wrong thinking'. To look in improbable places, experiment without fear, and make mistakes. It's how we create machines that defy convention. And transform markets. From the bagless vacuum and heat-free hand dryer, to bladeless fans, long-life lighting and temperature controlled hair dryers.

So look around you. There are still many problems left to solve. And more solutions left to find.

Working at Dyson, who knows the new ideas you'll discover.