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Pioneers wanted

Discover how a career at Dyson can help you break new ground.

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Technology. Done differently.

Our global reputation is priceless and it always hangs on what we do next. Dyson is a unique technology enterprise. We pioneer. Our biggest category today didn’t even exist a few years ago. Our next biggest category? That could be where you come in.

Find out how we're different

Humble beginnings. Global outlook.

From its origins in a small workshop in rural England, Dyson has grown into a technology company with a global footprint. We have offices from Auckland to Zurich, Shanghai, Singapore and Chicago. Select a location to discover more about Dyson around the world.


Since we launched our Chicago office in 2002, followed by Toronto four years later, Dyson has quickly made inroads to take a leading position in a highly-competitive marketplace.

Europe and the Middle East

Since launching in rural England more than 30 years ago, Dyson now has a growing network of vibrant offices throughout Europe and beyond.

Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific accounts for more than half of Dyson’s sales and profits. Our growing network of offices reflects the strong demand for Dyson technology across the region.

Where you fit in

While engineering remains at our core, our passion for problem solving across different disciplines runs throughout our business. We're a diverse workforce made up of people with different Dyson behaviours. So, the chances are we've got a role to suit your area of expertise.



Our creative teams are constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of what's possible, to bring Dyson technology to life.

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Working at Dyson

Dyson is different. Our culture is unique. It's not for everyone, but if you thrive on challenge and are excited by change then it could be for you. Discover what it's like to work here from people across our business.

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Early careers

Get stuck in from day one. As a school leaver your career could start with an apprenticeship or pursue a BEng Engineering degree apprenticeship at the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology. Whether you're an undergraduate looking for an internship or a graduate taking the first step of your career, your input will be valued from the beginning. We'll challenge you to think differently, push the boundaries and defy convention.

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Early careers