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Robots are the future of household chores. We are aiming high, developing advanced new robotics products for the home. There’s no point in cutting corners and Dyson’s Robotics team designs intelligent machines and software to do the job properly. We refine our ideas from concept to production with rounds of prototype builds, debugging, and beta trials. We then manufacture our machines and get them into our owners’ homes, where we constantly improve their performance and functionality with software updates.

Interdisciplinary teams

Our global robotics teams are located in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, and Poland. Our teams are highly skilled in computer vision, machine learning, control, sensors, mechatronics, manipulation, physical interface, human-robot interaction, and platform design. We're searching for mechanical, electronics, and software engineers to join our rapidly expanding team. A fantastic opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology and automated products that could improve people's lives.

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Our research team specialises in developing proof-of-concept systems that use state-of-the-art software algorithms, frameworks, techniques, and tooling to solve concrete real-world problems and pave the way for Dyson’s future autonomous and intelligent products. These domain experts are developing state-of-the-art robot prototypes that turn theory into practice, in areas such as perception, manipulation, and robot learning. Join a passionate and growing team working to put cutting edge robotics technology into people’s homes.

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Intelligent machines

The intelligent machines team features some of Dyson’s brightest software architects and engineers, algorithm engineers, product managers, product owners, release train engineers, and scrum masters. Adopting SAFe, their work includes vision systems, robotics platform software in a Linux environment, and machine learning software, spanning robotics algorithm exploration such as SLAM and robotics behavioural development, adding intelligence to our Dyson machines.


Since we launched our first connected product in 2014, our IoT platform has grown to over 3 million connected Dyson machines, with over 1 million active owners worldwide. The Dyson app enables owners to interact with our machines in ways they’ve never done before, and we are harnessing the data it provides to create superior machines and owner experiences. Our new technology is advancing at speed, with network-based robotics and intelligent sensing technologies.

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Electronics Hardware

Electronics Hardware Development provides the engineering expertise to deliver Dyson’s state-of-the-art electronics hardware architectures and solutions. This growing team is currently home to over 350 of the world’s best electronics engineers, programmers, scientists, and technicians. They develop electronic solutions in our seven global RDD sites. The team is responsible for circuit design and integrating all hardware solutions, including advanced sensor technology.

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Machine Learning

The global, diverse, highly skilled, and multi-functional Dyson Machine Learning team combine leading machine learning and AI techniques with an in-depth understanding of user behaviour. The science of teaching our machines to learn and evolve is a collaborative mission and the team operates across the whole business. Using anonymised data from our connected devices, they conduct rigorous qualitative and quantitative experiments and trials, inventing novel solutions to 'impossible' problems.

Embedded Software

Our diverse embedded software teams transform product vision into reality by developing the software that sits across a broad range of intelligent Dyson machines. Utilising SAFe, they harness clever development techniques such as platforming, test automation and metrication to rapidly and reliably achieve quality software solutions. The teams are involved in fundamental architectural design at the embedded layer for each Dyson product.

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Vision of the future

At Dyson, we've been developing robot technology for over 20 years – 200 engineers, 420 patents, and £28m went into our first robot vacuum. But this is just the start of the domestic robotics revolution. The team is developing the systems that make our robots more intelligent, adaptable, and physically capable. Already at the leading edge of what is possible in robotics globally. Our vision includes advanced domestic robotics to go beyond simple floorcare and offer new possibilities. And we are only going to become more ambitious.

Robotics at Dyson

Hullavington hanger

World-class facilities

Dyson’s second UK technology campus, located on a former Royal Air Force base, opened in 2018. Sitting just five miles from our Malmesbury campus, Hullavington is the backdrop to some of our most exciting future discoveries. Over the past six months, Dyson has been refitting one of the main aircraft hangars at Hullavington Airfield at a cost of £3.8 million to create a world-class facility for 250 roboticists.

Meet our people

Muhammad Fraz

People stories


Lead Robotics Research Engineer, Hullavington, UK

A journey from computer engineering student to robotics and computer vision expert.

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  • Robotics Data Engineer

    Data Analysis

    United Kingdom - Hullavington Office

    At Dyson, our goal is to build a world-leading robotics team focused on developing advanced domestic robots to go into real homes and help real people. Our multidisciplinary team is already one of the largest home Robotics groups in the world and is...

    Date posted: 23 February 2024

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  • Robotics Sensor Engineer - UK.

    Science and Research

    United Kingdom - Hullavington Office

    Our robotics platform team is based in a dedicated robotics facility in Hullavington UK. We work in tight multi-disciplinary groups and push new technologies from academia and research into cutting edge features for consumer products. We are expanding our...

    Date posted: 04 March 2024

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  • Robotics - Senior Electronics Engineer

    Design and Development

    United Kingdom - Hullavington Office

    Dyson is a global technology enterprise. We solve the problems others choose to ignore, with surprising new inventions that defy convention and simply work better. We’re growing fast and our ambition is huge – more categories, morelocations and more...

    Date posted: 06 March 2024

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