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It takes real ingenuity to find new ways of doing things. We’re leaders not followers. We’re obsessed with continuously making things better and pushing boundaries. Smarter technologies. Lighter, stronger materials. Longer-lasting, more efficient energy storage. And quieter, cleaner motor and power systems. Dyson researchers help solve real-world problems every day.

Pioneering new technologies

Dyson continually pioneers new technology and we increasingly work in fields that many people would not imagine Dyson venturing into. We’re looking for people from a range of disciplines to help develop new technologies that will be used in millions of products, homes and other spaces. Our teams of scientists, research engineers and specialists across the UK and Singapore, are the experimenters and risk-takers behind Dyson’s problem-solving. Whether it's in-house development, sourcing outside technology partners, or driving collaboration with partner universities, we lead the way in finding the next generation of Dyson technology.

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Discovering our future

Dyson currently has nearly 6,000 granted and pending patents and registered designs globally. Our research efforts are focused across an increasing range of fields including energy storage, AI, machine learning, high-speed digital motors, power electronics research, sensing technology, and material science. The discoveries made are applied to products across vacuums, hair care, purifiers, lighting, and currently un-announced new product areas. The new roles span a variety of specialisms including aerodynamics, turbo machinery, thermodynamics, spectroscopy, filtration, acoustics, and materials, with a focus on people with backgrounds in science, health and engineering.

Malmesbury Campus

State of the art

Dyson has invested in state-of-the-art laboratories on its two Wiltshire campus locations, our research centre in Malmesbury is the crown jewel of our 67 acre campus. The advanced labs now cover an area larger than five Olympic sized swimming pools and include some of the largest and most advanced energy storage labs in the UK. As well as suites of scanning electron microscopes, electromagnetic compatibility chambers, semi-anechoic chambers, microbiology labs, hair-science labs, air filtration chambers and advanced rapid prototyping facilities.

Electronic systems research

Electronic systems research covers a wide range of disciplines including sensor technologies, power electronics, embedded systems and software. We strive to get the latest technologies in our products, working with NPI and wider research teams to consider all aspects of complex products including thermals, optics, electromagnetics, aero-acoustics, mechanical design, microbiology and machine learning. We have unique strategic partnerships with top universities globally and businesses to gain insight into up and coming technologies. We use this knowledge to design state-of-the-art systems to differentiate Dyson from the competition.

Dyson technology motor image

Motors research

The Hyperdymium™ motors research team is made up of multi-disciplinary, world class and diverse engineers. Experts within electromagnetics, mechanical, motor control, thermal, design and aero-acoustics work closely with our manufacturing and procurement engineering functions. The team are pioneers in the industry, creating very high speed / high power density compressor motors that are innovative, highly efficient, cost-effective, robust and designed for high volume manufacturing. We’re growing fast in motors research, and the ambition is huge.

Battery pack research

Our battery pack research team is responsible for designing battery packs for a range of Dyson products, they use conventional cylindrical cells as well as future Dyson designed cells. Stretching the boundaries of power and energy density while minimising cost and maximising safety, robustness and reliability. We are looking for individuals with a passion to innovate and who have experience in battery pack design and manufacturing, including materials for safety, robustness, light-weighting, welding techniques, thermal, mechanical design and automated assembly methods.

Energy Storage image

Energy storage research

We are passionate about pioneering battery technology to improve performance for our owners. A key focus for the energy storage research team is the commercialisation of our proprietary solid state battery technology which will deliver safer, cleaner, longer-lasting and more efficient energy storage than today’s existing batteries. To accelerate progress, we are recruiting a wide range of roles that include materials scientists, electrochemists, cell design engineers, cell test technicians, cell assembly technicians, mechanical design engineers, manufacturing process development engineers and manufacturing technologists based in our UK labs.

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Machine Learning image

Machine learning research

Our Machine Learning team works at the cutting edge of research, building solutions to drive automation and help to create a bespoke and effortless user experience. Developing machines that interact with their environment and predict the consequences of their actions. Working across all Dyson technology categories, extracting and deriving value from data, integrated software builds and developing real and tangible outcomes. We're expanding this team and looking for people with a variety of skills, including computational biology, specialist researchers, machine intelligence and programming engineers that will enable us to grow our new product categories in the future.

Category Research image

Product category research

Our research and testing enable us to innovate new technologies to continuously improve and develop our products across all categories – hair care, floorcare, environmental care and new categories. Our category researchers generate innovative concepts based on scientific theory through experimental test and simulation – designing, building and testing prototypes, before analysing performance and communicating findings.  They draw upon their expertise in aerodynamics, thermo dynamics, mechatronics and microbiology.  The team is hands on, working closely with the New Product Innovation team meaning you will have full involvement in the development process of entirely new product concepts. 

Meet our people

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Aerodynamics Research Manager, Malmesbury, UK

At the leading edge of aerodynamic research.

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  • Senior Research Electronics Engineer

    Science and Research

    Singapore - Technology Centre

    Dyson is a global technology enterprise.  We solve the problems others choose to ignore, with surprising new inventions that defy convention and simply work better.  We’re driven by progress and thrive on the challenge of relentless improvement.  We’re...

    Date posted: 01 March 2024

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  • Senior Research Software Engineer

    Science and Research

    Singapore - Technology Centre

    Dyson is a global technology enterprise.  We solve the problems others choose to ignore, with surprising new inventions that defy convention and simply work better.  We’re driven by progress and thrive on the challenge of relentless improvement.  We’re...

    Date posted: 01 March 2024

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  • Senior Research Engineer - Motor Design

    Science and Research

    United Kingdom - Malmesbury Office

    Within Dyson Research we define what is next in technology and look to continually push the boundaries of what is possible. We are at the very start of the new product ideas chain, working to develop the technologies that enable future products. An...

    Date posted: 22 March 2024

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