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E-commerce and Digital Innovation

Dyson is expanding rapidly across all global markets. With a fast pace of growth and ambitious plans, it’s essential our e-commerce platform and supporting digital technologies are ready for the future. And we’re always looking for exciting new talent to join us.

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Global teams

Dyson’s diverse e-commerce and digital communication teams work around the world. Our Group Commercial function is based in the UK with three regional hubs in Europe and the Middle East, the Americas, and the Asia Pacific regions, supporting markets across the globe.

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Dyson uses leading E-commerce platforms and tools to create exceptional online shopping experiences for consumers. Our e-commerce teams focus on developing experiences that help shoppers understand our machines, work out which one is right for their needs and deliver a seamless purchasing experience when shopping direct with Dyson.

Direct to Consumer

Dyson is a multi-billion-pound business – with plans for significant growth. Selling directly to our global customers is at the heart of our business strategy, offering exclusive machines and owner relationships that only Dyson can do. We never compromise on performance, delighting owners with an experience as good as our machines. Our in-house teams are experts in everything from multi-channel campaigns to ground-breaking films and imagery.

Livestream and social shopping

Dyson’s technology is unique and complex, so it’s up to us to explain it clearly in ways that excite our customers and owners. Social and livestreamed shopping gives Dyson new ways to tell our stories, respond to customers, and demonstrate our machines. We’ve got ambitious e-commerce objectives to deliver world-class live shopping across some of the largest digital platforms in the world.

Future technologies

In 2021, Dyson introduced a Virtual Reality Demo Store, where visitors can learn about and try Dyson machines without leaving home. The experience brings the best of the physical world together with the convenience and dynamism of the virtual. From connected homes to advanced robotics, we want the best and brightest minds to join us to make it easier and more convenient for our customers and owners to try, shop and use Dyson machines.

Digital retail

Dyson Demo Stores reinvented our physical retail presence 20 years ago. Now, all Dyson retail spaces, physical, online, or virtual are designed to delight our customers. We’re looking for skilled experts to create shopping experiences with our global retail partners and marketplaces with the same attention to detail and pioneering spirit we apply to our machines.

Digital optimisation

As an organisation of engineers, we take the same test and learn approach we apply when developing our machines, when we are developing our digital experiences. Our digital optimisation teams utilise data to find opportunities for improvement and work alongside our UX/UI and creative teams to test and validate new and better experiences for our shoppers and owners. Our optimisation process is led by data and driven by passion and an unstoppable push for perfection.

Product owners

Our goal is simply to make the best user experience in the market. We have a passion for crafting beautifully simple, easy-to-use interactions for owners and customers. Our product owners understand how people engage and interact online and are passionate about harnessing the latest technology to develop superb customer and owner experiences.

User Experience (UX) & User Interfaces (UI)

Our Digital Experience team joins the dots across multiple channels, using expertise and innovation to design seamless digital experiences that set Dyson apart from the competition. We create the best possible experiences for our owners and customers with the same attention to detail as in the engineering of our machines. We want to hear from you if you’re passionate about digital creative work and information architecture and are ready to push your user interface design skills to help us showcase our technology.

Business Analysis

Our commercial strategies launch our pioneering technologies and explain why they are better as simply and clearly as possible. We’re constantly refining and redefining our global marketing strategies and campaigns to create customer and owner experiences that are authentic and uniquely Dyson. The delivery of commercially beneficial data insights will underpin our goals and strategies.

User Testing and Design

Our technology is unique and complex, so it’s up to us to explain it clearly. As we grow, we seek to better understand our customers in each of our markets to ensure their experience is meaningful. We have an iterative, data-led optimisation process, driven by passion and an unstoppable push for perfection.

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E-commerce Manager, Malmesbury, UK

Expanding Dyson digital footprint and launching new Ecommerce channels

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Jobs in E-commerce and Digital Innovation

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  • eCommerce Executive


    Australia - Sydney Barangaroo Office

    Dyson is a global technology company on a mission to improve people’s lives: whether that be by making the air they breathe safe and clean, or connecting them to high performing machines which keep their homes clean. Work collaboratively with the ANZ...

    Date posted: 05 April 2024

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  • Senior E-commerce Manager – Marketplace


    Japan - Tokyo Office

    Dyson is a global technology company on a mission to improve peoples’ lives; whether that be by engineering high performance technology to keep their floors and air clean – to patented beauty innovation to style their hair.Dyson has a long history of...

    Date posted: 02 April 2024

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  • Commercial Excellence Manager, EMEA

    Regulatory and Compliance

    Netherlands - Amsterdam Office

    Dyson is a global technology enterprise. We solve the problems others choose to ignore, with surprising new inventions that defy convention and simply work better. We’re driven by progress and thrive on the challenge of relentless improvement. We’re...

    Date posted: 05 April 2024

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