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We’re a technology enterprise

Our business is built from a desire to solve the problems others ignore.

Dyson technology

Obsessed with improvement

At Dyson we believe everything could be better. Fuelled by a frustration with things that don’t work properly and a relentless obsession with making them work better, we’ve spent the last 25 years pioneering inventions and continually improving.

Inventing the future

We’re growing fast. And our ambition is huge. But it’s not simply about more people and more profit. Dyson is all about better ideas and new technologies. It’s about inventing the future.


Our philosophy remains the same as it was 25 years ago when James Dyson invented the first cyclonic vacuum cleaner. We remain family-owned. We don’t bow to outside shareholders or report to the stock exchange. Instead we plot our own path, unshackled from conventional thinking.

Being Dyson

At Dyson we constantly strive to find a better way to solve everyday problems. So we have three core values that run through everything we do.



We are brave explorers, curious and excited by the unknown. Using engineering logic and ingenious thinking, we create our own future, overturning conventional wisdom.



We work together to create new and exciting experiences that are entirely our own. Nothing is borrowed.



We start from a position of dissatisfaction and strive to make everything radically better. When we think we're close, we transform again. We never stand still.

People champions

We’re compelled to solve the problems that others ignore with invention that turns convention on its head. Crucially, we excite people with unexpected new technologies, and we’re careful to help our owners get the very best out of their machines.

Leaders not followers

When you work for Dyson, we give you the chance to do things you can’t do anywhere else. You could start out demonstrating our machines in one of our Dyson Demos and end up leading one of our commercial teams. It’s an adventure. It’s challenging, stretching and not for the faint-hearted.

Jiamin Tan

Meet Dyson people

Jiamin Tan

Senior Integration Systems Engineer, Malaysia

From grad to senior engineer at Dyson, developing new skillsets along the way.

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