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Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Our global aspiration is that no matter where you are in the world, when you interact with Dyson – technology, applications, retail stores and people – Diversity and Inclusion is always at the forefront. Our vision at Dyson is for everyone to use their differences together – to innovate, solve problems and create world-changing technology.

Celebrating our differences

"Dyson technology is characterised by its differences. The unique way in which we invent and sell technology is what sets us apart. And this is only possible thanks to the unique people who make up our global workforce, making Diversity and Inclusion such an integral part of our business and the future of Dyson."

Melissa Mejia Polanco - Global Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Director.

Our global strategy

We are on a journey to embed diversity, inclusion and belonging into everything we do. We are focusing on many areas including building inclusive teams, diversifying our workforce and putting Diversity and Inclusion at the forefront of our business. The actions we take are driven by Dyson’s senior leadership team and our regional Diversity and Inclusion taskforces around the globe.

We need more women in engineering

At Dyson we are pleased to see positive progress. Since launching our diversity, inclusion, and belonging strategy, we have focused on increasing the representation of females at the leadership level. Across global senior management, 44% of new appointees made in the past year identify as female – meaning that we have more women in global leadership positions than ever before. Over the last year, we have welcomed our largest graduate intake to date, with more than 260 graduates joining worldwide from over 70 universities and 25 nationalities. 49% of our recent graduate cohort identify as female. 33% of Undergraduate Engineers at the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology are female, compared to a sector average of 18% for engineering and technology undergraduate courses. 

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Life inside Dyson

None of what we do at Dyson would be possible without our Pioneers – our employees and the many groups and networks that exist because of them. These include, women’s networks, EMBRACE, Neurodiversity Network and Proud LGBTQ+ networks. Together we celebrate our differences, to drive inclusion, by supporting our employee communities in fulfilling their missions and achieving their goals.

Meet our people

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