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Technology Development

Technology Development provides the specialist engineering expertise required to deliver pioneering Dyson technologies and exceptional product performance. The department is home to over 250 of the world's best engineers, scientists, and technicians working across eight global Research, Design and Development (RDD) sites to develop technology for all of our product categories.

Developing pioneering technologies

Dyson continually pioneers new technology and we increasingly work in fields that many people would not imagine Dyson venturing into. We’re looking for people from a range of mechanical disciplines to help develop new technologies that will be used in millions of products, homes and other spaces. Our teams of scientists, engineers, technicians and specialists across the UK, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines are the experimenters, optimisers and lateral thinkers behind Dyson’s problem-solving. Join the team and become a part of a collaborative, supportive community of experts who are pushing the boundaries of physics to develop innovative technology.

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State of the art

Our engineers work in state-of-the-art facilities, utilising cutting edge equipment, toolsets and processes. We nurture new technologies from the concept stage all the way through to mass production so you’ll experience the complete product creation process as part of the team. We have a personal development mindset and work closely with the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology day to day. Whether it's in-house product development, supporting outside development partners, or a combination of the two, we lead the way in delivering the next generation of Dyson technology.

Separation and Filtration Engineering

For decades, Dyson's bread and butter has been removing dirt and contaminants from surfaces and the air. We have dedicated teams of skilled engineers and scientists working to find new methods to push the boundaries of what is possible. We are looking for the brightest minds to help us realise our aspirations, whether it is through revolutionary new cyclonic separation systems or developing new filtration systems that can remove even the smallest particles from the air.

Technology Systems

Across all our product categories, Dyson is at the forefront of complex flow physics, thermodynamics and other new technologies. The efficient movement of air and the careful regulation of temperature are critical to ensuring that our products are the best they can be. Our engineers are always innovating new methods to harness the power of airflow to develop incredible new products like the Dyson Airstrait™. Our team of experts across several disciplines use cutting-edge test equipment, theoretical models and state-of-the-art computational software to help us deliver the best products.

Performance and Pickup Engineering

The science behind performance and pickup is fascinating yet extremely complex, with many mechanical engineering challenges to solve, such as removing dirt from floors and carpets easily, repeatably, and in the most energy efficient manner, picking up breakfast cereal and the smallest dust particles at the same time, whilst also preventing any blockages. These are just a few of the difficulties that our Pickup Engineering experts tackle on a regular basis while developing Dyson vacuum cleaners.


It’s not unusual at Dyson to create designs for parts that are very unique. We have to determine, how the part is going to mould, how much will it expand due to centrifugal forces, what's the approach on balancing the rotating mass, is the part robust enough to withstand dropping. Our team of Structural and Mechanical analysts solve these problems through cross team collaboration. Our goal is to predict how our machines will behave in the hands of our owners.

Acoustics and Vibration

Our Acoustic and Vibration engineers are responsible for ensuring we meet the challenging acoustic requirements of our products without compromising performance.  Using a combination of test and acoustic simulation techniques our engineers embed best design practice and novel acoustic technologies into our products. Whether they are optimising the flow path through a product, designing a motor mounting, or tuning a Helmholtz resonator you’ll do it surrounded by a community of like-minded, talented engineers, with state-of-the-art test and simulation facilities at your disposal.

Product Systems Engineering

Dyson’s Product Systems Engineers collaborate on early-stage product development to help project teams understand the problem we are striving to solve. Using true systems thinking and advanced modelling and simulation tools and languages, we help to crystalise product requirements and establish what the owners of Dyson machines want their machines to accomplish.

Mechatronics Systems

We are constantly pioneering more intelligence offerings in our products to delight and provide a higher degree of convenience to our users. The Mechatronics Systems (MechSys) team is a group of multi-disciplinary engineers that develop electro-mechanical, intelligent technologies. They're the team behind some of Dyson's intelligent product features, such as the Auto Mode floor type detection and dust detection features in our cordless vacuums. In addition, they also develop bespoke solutions for internal automated testing and data analysis applications. These bespoke solutions enable Dyson engineers to pioneer new technologies in situations where existing solutions do not exist. 

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Lead Fluid Dynamics Engineer, Singapore

Engineering efficient motor performance through digital diagnostics

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  • Associate Principal Technology Systems Engineer

    Science and Research

    Philippines - Advanced Manufacturing Office

    The Technology Development Department encompasses 3 key groups – Technology Systems, Product Performance & Acoustics and Simulation. This role sits within the Technology Systems group mainly working on fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and sensing...

    Date posted: 06 June 2024

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  • Senior Simulation Engineer

    Science and Research

    Philippines - Advanced Manufacturing Office

    Overview – department: The Technology Development department comprises of diverse groups of curious, world class engineering specialists. We are experts in our fields, and we ensure Dyson products are on the edge of what’s possible. The department...

    Date posted: 06 May 2024

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  • Mechatronics Engineer

    Science and Research

    Philippines - Advanced Manufacturing Office

    Dyson is a global technology enterprise. We solve the problems others choose to ignore, with surprising new inventions that defy convention and simply work better. We’re driven by progress and thrive on the challenge of relentless improvement. We’re...

    Date posted: 06 June 2024

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