Product Development

When a concept comes into the hands of our New Product Development (NPD) engineers, it starts to take shape.

Global boundaries

From revolutionary Personal Care technology to cutting-edge Floorcare, our Product Development team takes our ideas to the next level. Each generation of Dyson technology must set the benchmark for the next. And with so many new categories on the way, we need to be more inventive than ever. Through extensive testing and iterations, we relentlessly develop our machines until they reach the levels Dyson expects for manufacturing.

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Lucy Richardson

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Lucy Richardson

Senior Noise and Vibration Engineer, Malmesbury

Noise, vibration, career progression and the Dyson Symphony project.

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Jobs in Product Development

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  • Head of Product Security

    Compliance and approvals, Product Design, Software Engineering and Connectivity

    Malmesbury - United Kingdom

    The major focus of this role is developing our capability within the Product Security function, ensuring that cyber security is thoughtfully implemented at every stage of our product journey; from early research through to the physical products in the...

    Date posted: 24 January 2019

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