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Product Development

When a concept comes into the hands of our New Product Development (NPD) engineers, it starts to take shape.

Global boundaries

From revolutionary Personal Care technology to cutting-edge Floorcare, our Product Development team takes our ideas to the next level. Each generation of Dyson technology must set the benchmark for the next. And with so many new categories on the way, we need to be more inventive than ever. Through extensive testing and iterations, we relentlessly develop our machines until they reach the levels Dyson expects for manufacturing.

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Jobs in Product Development

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  • Lead IT Business Analysts (Owner Experience, Supply Chain and Retail, Enterprise & Product Development)

    Information Technology

    United Kingdom - Malmesbury Office

    Some pretty exciting stuff happens at Dyson, and our Business Analysts play a key role in making it happen. Dyson designs, sources, manufactures, ships and sells a remarkable set of innovative products around the globe. We’re an agile organisation which...

    Date posted: 12 January 2022

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  • Product Lifecycle Design Manager

    Strategy and Transformation

    Malaysia - Development Centre

    At Dyson we invent great products with unique technology, a bold design and aim to deliver a transformational user experience.As a Product Development and Technology company, it is imperative that Dyson has a well designed over-arching framework for...

    Date posted: 13 December 2021

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  • Lead BoM & Configuration Engineer - Product Architecture


    Malaysia - Development Centre

    Dyson product development is dynamic and innovative. Our products are built to last, as well as perform. To achieve this in fast paced consumer markets, we need to focus on both the efficiency and quality of our product development processes. The PD...

    Date posted: 12 January 2022

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