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France was one of Dyson’s earliest outposts. With little budget, but plenty of resourceful marketing and PR, Dyson broke with convention and quickly became a household name across the country.

Historic roots, bold future

From the beginning, the team has occupied a classic Haussmann building on Rue de la Boétie. It’s a reminder of the capital’s biggest feat of engineering: Haussmann’s vision of a redesigned central Paris. Home to more than 90 people, it’s now also the head office for the Southern European hub, supporting Dyson Spain and Dyson Italy.

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Exciting surroundings

The Paris office is in a dynamic business district, well served by all forms of public transport. On the ground floor, our groundbreaking Dyson Demo showroom – the first we ever created – offers consumers the chance to try our latest technology. In addition, numerous events, conferences and even design workshops for children are organised onsite throughout the year.

Camaraderie among colleagues

Living in Paris, great social opportunities abound, and the team regularly gets together for drinks and meals. Once a month, Dyson people gather around a big breakfast to look at highlights, challenges and opportunities. But it’s the end of year costume party that really sets tongues wagging and tests everyone’s fashion ingenuity to the full.

Jobs in France

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  • EU 2021 European Marketing Graduates - France


    Paris - France

    Dyson is a global technology company founded in 1993 in Malmesbury, UK. Over 15,000 people, including James Dyson himself, spend their days strategizing, inventing technology and telling the Dyson story to the world. It's all about better ideas and better...

    Date posted: 02 June 2021

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  • B2B Marketing Manager


    Paris - France

    This is a permanent role for France. Take the global and regional Professional B2B marketing strategies and localise them to create a suitable marketing plan for the market in question, with the primary objective of delivering high-quality leads that...

    Date posted: 10 June 2021

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  • Expert - Dyson Demo Store (Marseille): Temps-Plein


    Dyson Demo Store - Marseille, France

    Les experts Dyson accueillent nos clients de manière proactive et authentiqueVéritables ambassadeurs de la marque et résolument orientés service-client, ils créent une atmosphère bienveillante et chaleureuse leur permettant de faire découvrir les...

    Date posted: 19 May 2021

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