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Commercial Sales Analytics Manager, Canada

Driving impact through data and collaboration

Joining Dyson in 2020 marked a turning point in my career. With over a decade at my previous company, I was initially hesitant to explore new opportunities. However, after interviewing with Dyson's leadership, I was convinced this was the right move. Stepping into my current role, I was ready to make an impact.

Every day at Dyson is exhilarating and filled with purpose. I lead the Sales Analytics team, where we manage vast amounts of data, transforming it into powerful insights and projections. We don't just crunch numbers—we derive actionable strategies that drive critical business decisions. Collaborating closely with National Account Managers, Brand, Logistics, Finance, and the Field team, we ensure our insights propel the company forward.

The most satisfying aspect of my role is the spirit of collaboration. Working with my team and across departments ignites my curiosity and sharpens my problem-solving skills. There’s always a new challenge to tackle, which keeps the work exciting and fulfilling.

A standout example of our problem-solving prowess was transitioning our data from outdated legacy systems to Tableau, a cutting-edge data visualisation platform. This project revolutionised our approach, making data more accessible and insightful for key stakeholders. It unlocked new perspectives on our business and significantly enhanced our analytical capabilities.

Our ethos is more than a mantra; it’s a driving force. It reminds me that every project is a stepping stone, constantly evolving to meet the business's ever-changing needs. The models and processes I've developed here have continually improved, thanks to ongoing feedback and innovative ideas from our stakeholders.

At Dyson, I’ve found an environment where my skills and passion for innovation can truly flourish. The journey has been challenging but incredibly rewarding. Every day, I’m inspired by the impact we make through data and collaboration. I look forward to continuing this exciting journey, driving efficiency and innovation at every turn.


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