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Relentless pursuit of improvement



Technology Systems Engineer, Singapore

Always an opportunity to learn

I’ve always admired Dyson for its commitment to innovation and practicality, which motivated me to consider applying there. After a year in a research position focusing at another technology-focused company, I was approached by the HR team at Dyson and joined the company as a Technology Systems Engineer.

In Tech Dev, we constantly seek ways to enhance our products and development processes. No two days at Dyson are ever the same. My primary focus is ensuring that Dyson's Beauty products deliver exceptional airflow and thermal performance while protecting users' hair from heat damage. This involves a balance of lab tests and computer simulations to gain a comprehensive understanding of our products. I collaborate closely with various teams, including Electronics and Manufacturing, to share insights and effectively resolve issues that arise.

At Dyson, there's always an opportunity to learn. From day one, I was entrusted with challenging tasks, such as working on the Dyson Supersonic r Professional hair dryer. On this project, we faced the challenge of ensuring the product was not hot to the touch while maintaining powerful airflow for quick hair drying. User trials revealed that people naturally used the curve of the handle for better control. This insight led us to focus on keeping the touch temperatures low at that curve to allow for safe and natural use of the hair dryer.

This hands-on experience has given me a deep understanding of the intricacies of product development at Dyson. I was fortunate to have supportive peers who guided me through the learning process, making it both smooth and rewarding.

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