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Driven by customer obsession



IT Product Manager – Supply Chain Systems, Poland

Bridging Supply Chain and IT

I began my professional journey over a decade ago in the dynamic world of supply chain, primarily focusing on solutions design. My career in logistics and process optimisation laid a strong foundation for my professional identity. However, the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and innovation in IT intrigued me. This curiosity and passion for problem-solving led to my career switch into IT. Recognising the synergy between supply chain intricacies and IT innovation, I joined Dyson in 2023.

A typical day involves optimising the post-purchase experience and ensuring seamless communication platforms for our customers. Collaborating with product managers, we align strategies to enhance the overall customer experience. My role also involves engaging with senior stakeholders, including programme managers, IT directors, and Logistics Directors, to align our post-purchase systems with company objectives. It’s a blend of collaboration, data analysis, and strategic discussions, knowing our efforts impact customer satisfaction and Dyson's commitment to excellence.

My role is driven by Dyson’s core value of customer obsession. What I find most satisfying is the chance to innovate and drive positive change. One significant challenge I’ve encountered was related to capturing customer data during the order placement process, leading to inaccurate information being transmitted to our supply chain processes. While some might have seen this as a purely IT-related issue, I recognised that the root cause was deeper. I initiated a collaborative effort that brought together our IT specialists and supply chain experts, resulting in a holistic resolution. We optimised IT systems for accurate data capture and restructured certain physical processes to accommodate potential variations without affecting efficiency whilst ensuring that similar challenges would be pre-emptively addressed in the future.

Tackling complex problems, prioritising customer needs and knowing that our work directly impacts their satisfaction is deeply fulfilling. This motivates me to continually raise the bar and ensure that every aspect of the post-purchase experience exceeds expectations.

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