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From Data to Impact

Kelvin Kang

Kelvin Kang

Senior Data Insights Analyst, Singapore

Empowered by trust

I've been a part of the Dyson family since January 2020. My role revolves around forecasting spare parts demand for our owners' machines over the next 12 months. It's a critical aspect that ensures our owners can get their machines repaired quickly and efficiently.

Working in the Product Quality Business Intelligence team is a rewarding experience. We support the wider Quality & Sustainability team by collecting and analysing vast amounts of data, distilling it into actionable insights, and presenting it in intuitive dashboards for data-driven decision-making. It's all about empowering our teams to make informed choices that benefit our customers and the environment.

What drew me into this area of expertise is the fascinating world of data science. It's like unravelling a mystery, incrementally revealing patterns and understanding how the world functions. When I worked in data for customer service, I often come across complaints from owners facing difficulties due to a lack of replacement components. This inspired me to leverage my skills to make a real difference for our owners, ensuring they can enjoy their Dyson machines without interruptions.

My journey at Dyson has been incredibly fulfilling. Moving from the APAC customer service team to Quality and Sustainability has given me exposure to dynamic challenges and intriguing problems to solve. Each day brings new opportunities to embrace Dyson's core value of being pioneering, using new technologies to revamp procedures and drive efficiency. The biggest challenge, but also the most rewarding aspect, of working at Dyson is the constant evolution and demands of the business. Being nimble and adaptable is key to staying ahead and making a meaningful difference.

My favourite parts of the job? The autonomy, trust, and support from my colleagues and superiors. I'm entrusted to take risks, learn from mistakes, and most importantly, make a tangible impact by making our users' work life easier. That's what keeps me excited and motivated to come into work every morning, knowing that I'm part of something truly innovative and impactful here at Dyson.

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