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Electronics Collaborator

Kevin Martín Díaz photo


Lead Power Electronics Engineer, Research, Malmesbury, UK

Bringing electronics research to life through collaboration.

In 2018, I spotted a job opening on LinkedIn that almost exactly matched my skills, so I applied. My area of expertise was power converters, which allowed me the opportunity to learn about motor drives and battery management systems. I was attracted to Dyson due to its focus on disruptive technologies.

The Electronics System Research team explores new and exciting technologies that may be useful to our machines, and we collaborate with the New Product Innovation (NPI) team to put their ideas into action. As a power electronics engineer, I design the hardware that drives our motors and powers the electronic subsystems in our machines.

My working day might include meetings with colleagues to get updates on their requirements, or collaborative workshops with the team to generate ideas or assess new designs. Or I may be working on simulations, designing a circuit, testing in the lab, or creating documentation. At Dyson, every day is different.

Keeping up with everything is perhaps the most difficult challenge. Working on projects at an early stage means that everything can change quickly, requirements are developed on the go, and the electronics design must be changed swiftly. However, working on the Dyson CoVent design to develop medical ventilators in response to the Covid-19 pandemic taught me how precise requirements and a defined deadline can help you execute a project rapidly.

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