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Growing with Dyson

Lie Theng

Lie Theng

Technology Systems Engineer, Singapore

Empowered to learn and seek new challenges

I joined Technology Development in Dyson back in 2016. Since then, I've been fortunate to have supportive managers who provided me with opportunities to grow and excel. With their encouragement, I advanced as an engineer, applying my knowledge and skills to various projects. Recognising the importance of ongoing education, I pursued a part-time master’s degree while working full-time, successfully completing it last year.

My typical workday revolves around overseeing product airflow and thermal systems for Beauty products. This includes setting up test equipment, conducting lab tests, and gathering data for root cause analysis. I collaborate with various teams, such as the design team, to explore opportunities for enhancing part designs based on our findings. Additionally, I liaise with the electronics team to understand the product’s electronic and software components and their impact on the overall system. Sometimes, I travel to other Dyson offices in Malaysia and Philippines to collaborate with manufacturing and system verification engineers, ensuring accurate measurements.

The team I work with is a diverse group of technical experts, and I always learn something new from them. When I face challenges, they willingly share their knowledge and experience, providing support. The sense of fulfillment derived from making meaningful contributions to our projects and witnessing the results of our collaborative effort is what motivates and inspires me in my role.

At Dyson, we want to stay relevant and competitive. For instance, I performed a measurement system analysis for all the testers in my lab to ensure that the results obtained were repeatable and reproducible. I also created an uncertainty calculator to determine the measurement uncertainty of the tests. These initiatives have significantly improved the reliability and accuracy of our testing processes, contributing to the overall quality of our products.

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