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Building our brand from ground zero in Mexico



Marketing Director, Mexico

Shaping a brighter future for our brand and customers

I joined this incredible team in 2018. My path to Dyson was unexpected but rewarding.

After studying International Relations, I ventured into the FMCG industry and gained expertise across many fields, from marketing, finance, logistics, customer dynamics, to planning. However, I felt a pull towards new challenges, which has lead me to Dyson now, with the opportunity to introduce this amazing brand to the Mexican market from scratch.

A typical day at Dyson Mexico is never dull. From the moment I step in, there's a buzz of constant change that keeps us all engaged. I collaborate with various stakeholders, including my talented team, to navigate the dynamic world of marketing and business development.

What brings me the most satisfaction is my team. They are the driving force behind our success, consistently giving their best to elevate Dyson's presence in the Mexican market.

Dyson's core values deeply resonate with me. "Never be satisfied, never stand still, never stop innovating, never give up" is not just a motto for work but a mindset that guides me in all aspects of life. It's about continually seeking new ways to overcome challenges and achieve our goals, both professionally and personally.

By staying observant and open to new ideas, I've been able to identify opportunities and address daily challenges effectively. Contributing to Dyson's problem-solving culture is incredibly rewarding, driving positive change within the organisation.

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