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Going with the flow

Suba Sivagnanasundaram image


Aerodynamics Research Manager, Malmesbury, UK

At the leading edge of aerodynamic research.

I joined Dyson in 2017 as an Aerodynamic Research Engineer, I’m responsible for aerodynamic designs for Dyson digital motors – this could range from upgrading an existing motor to a completely new motor concept. In addition, I recently began collaborating with other teams in the aero optimisation of Dyson’s machine layouts.

The decision to move to the UK to pursue my higher education without knowing how to speak English was a pivotal moment in my life. Completing my undergraduate studies with the highest grade in the class taught me that with hard work and the right support, I can achieve anything. This is what helped me find my way at Dyson too.

I developed an interest in fluid mechanics and thermodynamics while doing my BEng. I was then fortunate to be given the chance to pursue a PhD in aerodynamics. Following my PhD, I worked in the automotive industry for six years before finding an opportunity at Dyson to pursue my passion, face new challenges, and continue to learn.

Even though I'm a aero designer, I don’t just focus on aerodynamics. I need to consider other areas like thermal, mechanical, acoustic and manufacturing. I interact with other disciplines within the motor research team to find best solutions. This would be one of the best parts of my job.

Our research team is made up of very talented engineers with a variety of skillsets – all willing to support each other where needed. Although everyone has their own way of working, we focus on shared goals and achieving quality results.

If I were to sum up my reasons for joining Dyson in one word, it would be 'innovation'. I've learnt that being part of motor research team, it's placed me at the forefront of innovative designs and ideas in an area that I love. The Dyson way of working is different, it took me a while to find my feet here, but I now enjoy working at Dyson.

My job is challenging and stimulating, constantly solving problems and coming up with creative ideas. I’m able to learn new things, develop my skillset and stay up to date with latest technologies. I also have a PhD project assigned in Cambridge University’s Whittle Lab. It’s a very ambitious project and keeps me motivated to understand new subject areas like machine learning.

Because I’m more productive in the morning, I start early, it’s good that we have that flexibility. Normally, I am working on one or two projects at the same time. I usually have quiet mornings to focus, some days I have a lot of meetings, which makes the day fly by.

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