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IT to Supply Chain: A career reimagined



Director, Sales Order Processing, United States

Embracing change and continuous improvement

Joining Dyson's IT department in 2017 marked a pivotal moment in my career journey. While my background lies in Computer Science/Information Technology, my introduction to Supply Chain concepts with my first employer expanded my expertise. Over 15 years, I honed my skills globally, designing, developing and deploying Supply Chain technology solutions.

In fact, one of my first assignments here was a Supply Chain project and it was a testament to my confidence in bridging technology and business needs. Drawing from years of experience, I ensured quality delivery of systems and processes, fostering a strong partnership with the Supply Chain team. This collaboration extended beyond technology, encompassing business process enhancements and strategic contributions. In early 2021, an opportunity arose for me to formally change career paths, and with that I took on my current role.

A typical day revolves around people development, cross-functional collaboration on projects, business strategy formulation, and continuous process enhancements. My stakeholders span across Sales, Customer Service, and IT, highlighting the collaborative nature of Supply Chain as an enabling service.

Dyson's culture of addressing challenges head-on and driving continuous improvement aligns perfectly with my values, making each day at Dyson both rewarding and impactful. One example of problem-solving at Dyson involved reorganising a department and optimising a new business process. Through careful observation and strategic leadership, we streamlined workflows, reducing workload by 70% and enabling the team to focus on proactive measures and value-driven tasks.

The most satisfying aspect of my role as Director is witnessing the growth and success of my team. Seeing them recognised for their contributions or innovating new ideas brings immense joy and fulfillment.

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