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Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, Philippines

Switching to positive in design engineering

Solving problems on cost, on quality and on time is fundamental to what engineers do. But it’s only one side of the story, because to get there you need to collaborate with various teams – and that’s what I love.

Design and solving problems have always been my passion, which is why I studied engineering. Joining Dyson in April 2018 as a Product Engineer for Dyson digital motors was a life-changing experience. I was fascinated by the technology behind the motors and wanted to be involved in designing them. Fortunately, the Research and Development department had a position for a Mechanical Engineer. It’s been a big leap for me, but I’m glad that in Dyson you can pursue your passion within the organisation. If you know what you really want and are willing to commit to it, the company will support you to achieve your goals.

Now, I’m a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer working on the next generation of Dyson motors. My background in manufacturing helps me appreciate the importance of good design and fixing any problems early on. It isn’t straightforward but knowing that a design needs to be made a million times with different supply chains and variability helps me make good engineering decisions.

For me, one of the most fulfilling parts of this job is being able to contribute to solving a problem, then having that work acknowledged when presenting your results to a larger audience. No one holds all the answers, no matter how much experience you have, so at Dyson everyone is respected and listened to. That sense of professionalism and respect is part of the culture, which is why I enjoy working here. 


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