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Mark Carberry photo


Research Manager, Malmesbury, UK

Managing battery research

At Dyson, I manage a team of research scientists, engineers, and technicians that create prototype lithium-ion batteries, from dry powders to fully formed battery cells. Even though everyone is a specialist in a certain field, we all have a common goal. My role is to maintain quality and consistency through sharing information, assisting others with resolving issues, and devising new methods to collaborate. There's always something new to learn, especially when you're working with engineering and chemistry experts.

In 2018, I joined Dyson to work on the electric vehicle project. Because lithium battery technology is a definite competitor for future automotive energy, I made the transition from traditional mechanical engineering to electrification. One of our proudest accomplishments was creating the first full battery pack for the Dyson EV. Despite the project ending, when a position in battery research became available, I applied right away.

Above all, working at Dyson has assisted me in adjusting to civilian work life. I spent over 25 years as an engineer in the British Army, serving all over the world and retiring as an Artificer Sergeant Major. As in the military, my current role is always interesting; things may change at a moment's notice, and technology is always evolving at a rapid speed. What excites me at Dyson is the completion of an important piece of work and the anticipation of what's to come.

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