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People, Innovation, and Experimentation

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Head of Technology Management, United Kingdom

You never get a typical day here

I am an Aerospace Engineer by trade, with a focus on Gas Turbine Technology. After completing my Bachelors and Masters, I spent a decade in the industry, and then pursued an Executive MBA specialising in business development and go-to-market strategies. Throughout my career, I've been immersed in the world of digital and data, working across all stages of production, from ideation to end-customer experience and product end life cycle management. Joining Dyson, I had the opportunity to apply my experience in a business-to-business industrial environment and learn how it could be applied to a direct-to-customer environment.

Here, you never get a typical day. We're encouraged to be entrepreneurial, to pioneer and push the boundaries. We work with a range of stakeholders from brainstorming with business and functional directors to collaborating with Quality Assurance, Risk Management, and Finance colleagues to enable our business to be at its best.

When I joined, there were a few exceptional moments when I transformed challenges into opportunities. First, I gave my colleagues the power to break traditional operating models and structures to relentlessly focus on a supply chain problem. We were able to resolve issues in just two months, whereas it usually takes a year to fix it. Secondly, we went from a functional approach to a multi-disciplinary approach. These teams create value-driven products, platforms and a common set of features and capabilities for all of Dyson to leverage on.  

Embracing Dyson’s values is looking at problems differently and passionately challenging the status quo. It's about being bold in the exploration of uncharted territory and getting people from different backgrounds to apply their diverse thinking to problem-solving. What I find most satisfying in my role can be summed up as P.I.E – People, Innovation and Experimentation! The passion of my colleagues is humbling and their knowledge and experience is inspiring. They are the catalysts for innovation and experimentation here. And they are entrepreneurial, not afraid to try new things and embrace VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) in its entirety.

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