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Lead Reliability Engineer, UK

Shaping projects from start to finish

The draw of working in reliability was the broad experience it could offer me. I previously worked as a design engineer and found my work was typically focussed on a particular Assembly, or even one part. Here, I work across multiple projects and categories, driving improvements in our product robustness from the ground up. We spend most of our time in the detail of the design, working with multiple people to ensure we’re following the best possible practices. The collaboration with others is what I enjoy the most.

Dyson is a leading name in engineering in the consumer products sector and has a reputation for challenging convention and driving innovation. I saw it as a company I could grow in, by learning from the best. I’ve gained both independence and confidence. I’ve learnt how to rationalise my decisions, to understand the implications and know when and how to stand for what I think is right. My role allows me to influence numerous projects, from their earliest days through to completion, and act as a key stakeholder in their progress. I also get real satisfaction from nurturing others and seeing them grow.

Dyson is challenging, it’s ever evolving, but I’ve always found that to be the most enjoyable and exciting part. Growth is supported, and I’ve always been given the opportunity to stretch beyond my comfort zone. I had the opportunity to travel to Malaysia and Singapore to help take a project from concept to production. Living abroad for six months, making high-pressure decisions that shaped the direction of the product, was a defining moment for me.

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